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Dear Friends, 
We all have circumstances that are difficult, stressful and frustrating, and we hence appreciate the time you are taking to read through this update. Some of you have asked us about any upcoming furlough or whether we are receiving mail. The situation is still about the same in Mauritius. Inbound and outbound flights have been very limited for the past six months, with a mandatory two-weeks long quarantine upon entering Mauritius. In fact, just last night all inbound flights were cancelled. Circumstances being what they are, we are not planning to visit the Unite States as a family until the international travel situation is normal again.

The postal system is also not accepting mail from some countries. We have really appreciated receiving birthday and anniversary cards from you in the past, but at this point we would discourage you from sending them, as they may never reach us.
Continue to pray for the churches in Mauritius. We know of a few congregations that are without pastors. A pastor from Australia had applied to the Mauritian authorities for a religious visa to work at one of these churches, but his application was rejected, and no reasons were given. My dad is helping fill the pulpit at that particular church once a month. Please pray for that particular church and ask generally that God would raise workers from Mauritian churches for the Gospel ministry.

This past Saturday, Becky and I had the youth of the church over at our house. I shared with them from Proverbs 3.5-6 and encouraged them to trust God by showing obedience to His commandments,  even though their own wisdom may tell them that the path to satisfaction and happiness diverges from God’s path. We would appreciate your continued prayers for the youth of our church. Pray that they would seek biblical wisdom and the wisdom found in a multitude of Godly counselors.

Grenade_March blog 2Thursday and Friday are public holidays in Mauritius. Friday is Independence Day in Mauritius, and on Thursday the Hindus celebrate Maha Shivratee—a day where they honor one of their chief deities. Pray for the hindus of Mauritius that they will turn away from the darkness of their religion to the light of Jesus Christ.
The church had planned a two day retreat during that period, but unfortunately the retreat had to be cancelled. We have been COVID free for the past months, but we have had a few cases in the past few days, and the government yesterday imposed a two-weeks confinement period to try to contain the infection. We would appreciate your continued prayers for our church. Pray for our witness to the lost, for unwavering commitment to the Scriptures and for a desire to do all things for the glory of God.
Pascal and Becky
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