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Here are some of the exciting/important things that happened over the past couple of months.

1. We had friends visit us from the states for the first half of the month of August. It was an enjoyable time for us (and hopefully for them, too :) We were able to show them some of the sites here in Portugal and share with them the need for a church in Alcochete. They walked away with a better understanding of our ministry here (and a love for Portuguese coffee :)

2. A friend of Michelle’s was also able to visit for a day in July. The time was way too short, but it was great to connect with a friend that she had not seen in close to 20 years. This friend is also in ministry and it was wonderful to be able to encourage each other.

3. David was able to preach for the first time in Portuguese! 

4. David was able to invite some of his classmates over for Taco Tuesday. Eight of them came over for tacos—even the professor and his wife! The professor is from Portugal, but the others were from different countries. David is hoping to be able to keep up these relationships and that we will be able to have them over again! 

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Overall it was a wonderful summer, but we are looking forward to getting back to more of a schedule. The kids start school soon and Michelle will begin back up with a Portuguese tutor at that time as well. David is beginning his third language class at Lisbon University.

God has answered our prayers regarding our heart condition - we have all the medicine that we need for several months! God has provided nearly all of our needed documents including Dave’s drivers license in the mail last week and we are just waiting on Michelle’s. 

Please be in prayer for a family that we met at the park last week. They just moved here from Ireland and are feeling a little lost (we can completely relate to this, of course!) We are likely getting together with them this week and praying they will be open to the gospel. Please also pray for us as we continue to learn the Portuguese language. We are seeing some progress, but there is still a long ways to go. Thank you for praying with us regarding these things!

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