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Dear Co-laborers,

The beginning of January was the end of our first large trip with the children. We enjoyed visiting family in New York, with many first experiences and meeting family for the first time. We were also thankful for seeing some of our faithful supporting churches, as well as a few new churches.  But when we returned to Georgia, the intense work of fundraising continued.

Patrick spent a large part of the month traveling solo, visiting churches in South Carolina and South Georgia. He visited some churches where he had no internet, cell signal or data service on his phone. (At one point, he had to trust his wife’s over the phone directions to help him get to the next place.) He was blessed to see some old friends and glad to make new ones. We pray that the churches considering joining our ministry will do so, to help us return to Peru at our targeted date of October.  

Since returning for furlough, we have gained six new supporters and two more are prayerfully considering us. We will need 30 more supporters to return to Peru and our heart’s desire is to be back between June and October. What we feel might be impossible is very possible for God and we are trusting in Him to provide. Again, we cannot do it alone. If you would like to partner with us, want to learn more about us, or would like to have us in to share our ministry, please let us know. We are desperate to return to the country we are called to and start working again.

As for our personal health, Patrick’s thumb is healing nicely. After a lot of dental work in Peru, Patrick has to have it all replaced. We pray when it is done, Lord willing next month, it will decrease his pain level. We also praise God for keeping our children safe. Ezra had a rough fall at a missions conference, ending with a goose egg and a bruise for two weeks. Thankfully, God made children resilient!

The missionary apartment we are staying had a water leak, soaking the kid’s room. They have been camping on the living room floor for over a week and, recently, had to move into our bedroom. Over this time, they have both come to us separately asking to go, specifically, to their home in Peru. It breaks a parents heart to hear something like that, but we trust God has a plan for us and He will carry us back in His time. Please pray that God will provide the resources and funds quickly to return us home soon.                

Thank you all for your never ending support and love. Please feel free to contact us via email or through our Facebook page or our newest addition, Instagram. We have lots of photos there to see. Most importantly, we are thankful for your support. We can not do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!

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