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Our Church Neighbor

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Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

            November was a wonderfully busy month for us. We had a lot of exciting things happen this month and look forward sharing them with you all.

            We want to first share with you about our church's neighbor, Mauras. She is an older lady, who takes care of her mentally handicapped daughter. When we first opened our doors, she would mock us for not having anyone inside the church, even though it was an hour before service. After a few months, she walked through the church doors and sat down, not talking to anyone. She then promptly left.  This process repeated several times. Eventually, she came in and sat through an entire service. Afterwards, she spoke with Patrick saying she needed to truly learn what the Bible says. We are excited to report, she now attends faithfully with her daughter and we are working with her weekly towards a decision for Christ. Please pray for Mauras.

            The church had its first Lord's Supper, which we celebrated with a family-style dinner at the church and then held the Lord's Supper afterwards. We had a full church for this event and it was a beautiful time with our church family. We had several services before, teaching what the Lord's Supper is and why we do it. This was a big step for our church and we are excited to continue with celebrating the Lord's Supper throughout the year.

            The church also took another faithful step, dedicating its time and money to help those in the village that are widows, sick, and poor. We were so blessed to see the church request this step on their own, after hearing the Word of God preached. To begin with, we took an offering to purchase needed medication for some of the widows of the church. They have dedicated themselves to take monthly offerings to minister to those in the village, so that we can be a better witness for Christ.

            We are slowly moving forward with the repairs to the church building and making it a better place to worship our Lord. We have fixed the windows and are having screens made to keep the pigeons off the building. We also now have a full time church cleaner, from within our church members. This has been a massive blessing to us.

            As for the family, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a group of other missionaries, as Thanksgiving is not celebrated by the Peruvians. We had a wonderful time of being thankful for all that God has done for us. The kids have been fighting sickness for several weeks. From stomach bugs to colds and fevers; but they are slowly on the mend. Patrick has not had much relief with his health complications, with another injury involving his knee and ankle. (Please feel free to send him a bubble suit to help him with his health). 

    We thank all of you who promised to help us with our financial situation. From the offerings given and promise of increased support, we are able to complete some of the needed repairs and projects God has placed on our hearts. Thank you!!  Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions. Or feel free to follow us on Facebook at “Pruetts In Peru” in order to see photos our ministry or photos of our church events. Thank you!

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