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Our Cup Runs Over

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“I was saved to do this!” Those were the words I heard from Pastor Paul on a recent call from him. I had the privilege to lead Paul to Christ, along with his dear wife Gladys, more than 18 years ago. They have been a model of faithfulness and willingness to go anywhere to share Christ. Paul’s greatest gift is his ability to share Christ clearly and passionately. Every time I have heard him speak publicly over the past 17-18 years; I have heard him share his personal testimony. Paul has never gotten over what Jesus did for him and continues to do for him. A few short days ago Paul was asked to pray for a man who was suffering with a serious sickness. It’s no surprise to me Paul shared the gospel and how Jesus saved him. Marlon, the man who lay sick on his bed, gladly trusted Christ for the forgiveness of his sins and to be the Lord and Savior of his life. When Paul called, I could hear the excitement in his voice as he declared, “I was saved to do this!” Paul knows why God gives him life, do you?

OUR CUP RUNS OVER: God has been doing something special over the past few weeks. Less than a month ago I made an appeal for $500 to help meet some needs among our people hit the hardest with the shut-down orders put in place in Guyana. Literally within minutes of the appeal, commitments began to come in. Some from churches, some from widows, some from families, some from retirees, even a few who recently lost jobs – God’s people came together. To date, we have raised over $7,000 to minister to our people hurting the most! Together we have touched the villages of Whitewater, Kumwater, Blackwater, and Hosororo. Over the next two weeks we have plans in place to reach out to Port Kaituma, Sebai, Aruka Head, Hobadiah, Yarakita, and other places so remote I don’t think they have a name! We are purchasing basic food supplies and putting in a water line to provide clean drinking water for multiple villages. Most importantly we are lifting up the name of Jesus and creating platforms to share Christ with our region. Your investment will have real and eternal impact – we may not know until we are in heaven just how far and wide these investments are reaping dividends.

VIRTUAL PRESENCE GROWING: Those that know me know that I am about as low tech as they come. However, as the COVID restrictions stretch on, I am making friends with technology. Every weekend I am sending a video message to be used in several of our villages. Large group gatherings are still banned, so I rely on our local pastors to go home-to-home, which has made our ministry very personal. In addition, I have put together an online group of teens and young adults that receive a short challenge from the word every morning. Pastor Norbert has helped the effort by choosing young people to go out each day, gather youth in various parts of the villages. They watch the video and have discussions following, led by our youth leaders. I don’t know how many young lives are impacted through this effort, but I am sure we are reaching several dozen. The best training these young leaders will ever get is “on the job.” I am proud of our youth stepping up to serve Jesus.


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