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Out of the Ordinary and into Reality

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"Those are some neat ministries, what do you do in your free time on those other days you don't have scheduled ministry activities?", asked an individual with curiosity. My mind went blank. After many weeks of talking about ministry, opportunities, and events, my brain came to an abrupt halt. I know that I have things pop up all the time that I do during the week, but what would be a quick list to help someone grasp what it's like? Why am I drawing a blank? They're going to think I spend copious amounts of time with little to do.

"Random things that pop up", I reply. "God has a way of filling up my time. I let Him be the organizer of my schedule."

Although it was a vague answer, that's the best way I could think to describe it in that particular moment. However, I'd like to take you on a small journey starting from last Wednesday night, as I have been given a perfect example as to what I meant:)

Wednesday night at about 9:30pm I receive a message from one of the girls in my discipleship group. She has a medical condition that requires monthly blood transfusions, and was messaging me to share some sad news she received. She was informed earlier that day that they didn't have a blood donation available for her and that they'd simply have to wait for one to came in.

Things operate differently here in Panama, especially in the public medical sector. Often times it is the burden of the patient to find blood donors before they can have their surgeries or other procedures that require a blood supply. It's not to difficult for one time procedures, but it does become difficult if you have an illness that needs monthly treatments. And this is where my dear friend finds herself. Which takes us back to last Wednesday.

It's now midnight and we're brainstorming a plan of who we can contact and how soon we could get a donation in for her treatment. By the end of our brainstorming, I now have a full Thursday. I was out picking up friends who could possibly donate, and spending the rest of the afternoon and evening sitting in the waiting room to then take them back to their homes. It was a long day, but it was a good day. I find these random moments the ones I'm most grateful for. Moments like these build relationships, and allow us to encourage one another in Christ.

I'm thankful because God had his hand in each step. He provided the resources that allow me to be here, and he provides the opportunities to share them with others.

My friend was able to get her transfusion, and is doing well:) Thank you for the many ways that you partner with me in ministry. The ministry that you and I do sometimes is random, but it has great reward. And while for me it appears in "random" moments, I know that it by no means is coincidence:)

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