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Patrick & Teresa Pruett - Peru - April 2017

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Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

The rains came from the North, as well as the swelling rivers. These rivers overflowed their banks and devoured what was in their paths. But the rain did not stop. They brought landslides that left an estimated seven-hundred thousand without homes and claimed 94 lives. The overflowing waters reached Lima and left a city of ten million without running water due to all the contamination. Drinking water was hard to find and when it was restocked, it was rationed. Peru has suffered one of the worst natural disasters the country as has ever seen.

The area near our church was effected as well and the farther you drove north east, the destruction grew more and more severe. Entire homes were knocked off foundations and dragged down hills, rocks the size of dump trucks rolled into homes and vehicles, and roads were completely destroyed. In all our time traveling and working outside the US, we have never seen anything like this.

With destruction, disaster, and pain comes reflection and questions. A terrible thing has happened here in Peru, but with that terrible thing, an opportunity has arisen. These people have lost everything and their country is trying to help, but is not equipped to do so, which leaves a place for us to step in and help physically and spiritually.

We have already purchased and delivered water, food, tents, sleeping bags, toilet paper, clothes and are currently assisting doctors to get out into some heavily effected areas to aid in disease prevention. With every piece of aid we give, the gospel goes out with it. We give tracts, preach, or simply share a personal moment with someone who has been through something awful, and show them how they can have an eternal hope. A hope that lasts even when it seems like all hope has been lost.

We thank those that have given to this special need. It has allowed us such a wonderful experience in helping and sharing the gospel. We still have much to do as the time to rebuild has arrived. Please continue to pray for us as we labor here for the Peruvians and, most importantly, for Christ.

As for news on our church, we are still waiting on repairs to be made to the new building before we sign a contract, but we are moving ahead in other areas. We finally opened a bank account and are seeing the church slowly begin to grow. We ask prayer for our pastor in training. Through all this he has severely damaged his back. As we move forward, we are excited to see what God does with the church and our future here.
Pray for continued safety as we travel unsafe roads and battle with what this disaster has left behind. Please pray, as well, for the souls that are out there waiting for help. Pray we can reach them in time.

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