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Pictures from Peru - The DeLands

Delands blog post

Dear family, friends, and ministry partners,
Here are a few pictures to catch you up on what God has been doing here in Perú through your prayers and support!

Deland 1

Thanks for taking interest in our family and ministry!

Daniel, Heather, Esther, and Joseph
Psalm 90:12

DeLand Feb 1

Joe (standing to my right), who, not so long ago, described himself as the prodigal son, recently decided to make things right with God. Please pray for the salvation of Daniel, Manuel, and Juan, the other 3 guys in the picture.

DeLand Feb 2


Christmas dinner with the young people we work with at our church. Besides enjoying some great fellowship, we took time to refocus for 2017 and set some goals as a group. We are thankful for how God is working in each individual heart!

DeLand Feb 3


Alejo (middle) has been extremely receptive to the Gospel recently. Before, he wouldn't even really talk with us about the Bible, but now when we share, he is engaged and asking questions.

DeLand Feb 4


Ricardo, María, and their son Wily have been one of the most welcoming families in Ayavirí. Wily came to our first Bible study a few weeks ago and later said that he now clearly understands the Gospel.

DeLand Feb 5


We celebrated many birthdays since our last update. Esther turned 6, I (Daniel) turned 36, and Fanny turned...
The kids celebrated her birthday with a tea party!

DeLand Feb 6


Heather and Ashley getting ready to go share some truth and hope with ladies in the village. One of the ladies they spoke with, Linda, came with her 3 granddaughters to our Bible study on Saturday night. She was so grateful that we taught them from the Bible since it is not common in the village.

DeLand Feb 7


This is Vita, an influential lady in Ayavirí who befriended us since our first visit. Esther loves eating in her restaurant and is supposed to get a cooking lesson from Vita the next time we are in town! Please pray for Vita's salvation.

DeLand Feb 8


The road to get to Ayavirí is not the best already, but now with rainy season starting in the mountains, it is worse. Washed out roads, mudslides, deeper rivers, and intense fog make the journey difficult sometimes. Prayers for safety are appreciated!

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