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Coming Alongside Others In Need

Reaching out to other missionaries has been a top priority for me since joining Global Faith Mission Agency. A meeting was held in May to jumpstart ideas to begin an effective ministry to missionaries in grief or in need of encouragement. In October, some of us from our mission board will be traveling to Asheville, NC for an in-depth conference reagarding Missionary Care. Please pray we will come away with a better understanding of how to be useful and effective in this ministry. 

The month of July is very special to me this year as all 3 of my sons are in the area. My youngest, Caleb and his wife Anna, decided to visit during this time to have more time with Sam during the summer. Little did we know that Andrew and family would also be moving away at the end of July. Andrew has obtained a government job which will eventually take him to another country after a period of traning in Washington DC. So we are enjoying some special family time and endeavoring to make the most of our time together.

I have registered for the online class "Beyond Suffering" which is scheduled for August - December. This class goes along with my desire to help people with disabilities. As God's love is extended to everyone, I hope to be used to help those who may be limited in different areas. This class offers certification upon completion and should lay a foundation for coming alongside others in need. 

My heartfelt thanks as always to those of you who pray for me and my family! I also extend grateful appreciation to any of you who have given funds to support me and my ministry. God is good and faithful to give me friends and churches such as you! 


Angela Harper

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