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Potential Spiritual Leaders

Roy and Edi Seals

On Wednesday evening before beginning my adult Bible study at Iglesia Bautista de Chattanooga, I stopped by the area where the 6-8-year-old children were involved in their Bible studies. They were reciting the books of the New Testament to their instructors. Each of the boys and girls was speaking fluent Spanish.Seals May Blog 1 

This is a multi-ethnic church with people from various countries in Latin America. The children are unique in that they are bilingual and bi-cultural. Their parents are immigrants, but these children are born in the USA.

Therein lies the great potential of these youngsters. One of the greatest evangelistic needs in our nation is reaching the many ethnic groups that live here. 

As I walked away from the children to the adult group for our Bible study, I realized that I had just seen much potential for the future.

I frequently receive phone calls and emails from churches requesting advice for the establishment of Spanish-speaking churches. There is an ever-growing need for bilingual pastors who know how to communicate effectively with other ethnic groups.

Seals May Blog 2These children are already receiving valuable Biblical teaching and training. In a few short years, some of these young people can be the answer to an increasing need in our country - that of people fluent in Spanish who also understand the Hispanic culture.

You are an important part of the ministry that Edi and I have. While we engage in international missionary activity, we also embrace the opportunities to engage in cross-cultural ministry here in the United States of America.

Thank you for praying and partnering with us as we reach young people who will be the future spiritual leaders of our country.Seals May Blog 3

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