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Dear Friends,

As I begin to write it is Sunday morning, January 6, and I, Clip, am sitting on an airplane returning to Panamá. On December 10, we came back to Tennessee for Isaac’s annual eye exams. This year we were blessed in that we were able to take Isaac to the Vanderbilt Eye Institute in Nashville where he was able to see one of the best pediatric ophthalmologists in the country and a low vision specialist. We praise the Lord that we had many questions answered, and we are thrilled that Isaac’s eye condition is not degenerative. In other words, he won’t lose his eyesight! 

Of course, we took the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and it was a nice visit. We are thankful for times like these and consider them very precious. 

I have been studying and preparing for upcoming ministry opportunities. I will be in Rio Indio January 13-20, for the final formal seminar in that location. Additionally, on January 11, we will resume the leadership classes at the church in Espave. You may remember from our last newsletter that this group of believers wants to study the book of Acts. 

One ministry the Lord is using in Panamá is the Pray for Me campaign. For those who are not familiar with this ministry in which adults pray for students, please check out Pray for Me. There are currently two churches in Panamá that are involved with Pray for Me, and we will present the ministry to another church in the city of Colón (on the Caribbean side of the country) on January 27. It goes without saying that prayer for our youth is an incredible ministry, but God is also using this ministry as a tool to help us build relationships and trust with more and more pastors. 

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We are re-energized as we look forward to what the Lord has in 2019. The Lord is using your partnership to strengthen and equip believers in Panamá, and we once again want to thank you. As we seek to keep our focus on the Lord and the hope found only in the gospel, we look forward to sharing with you how the Lord works this year.

In Christ,

Clip, Mary, & Isaac

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