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Prayer Requests

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Dear friends, 

Greetings from Mauritius. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to pray through some of the following requests: 

 -Becky and I met an elderly couple from England...who were visiting Mauritius. They noticed Becky’s accent and initiated a conversation with us. We were able to invite them in our home for a meal, and I had an opportunity to share my testimony with [the husband]. Please pray that the words that I shared with [him] will lead them to seek to learn more about Jesus and the salvation that is found in Him alone. 

 - We would also appreciate your prayers for an opportunity for outreach that I have with a group of Muslims. There is a Muslim center in our town that promotes dialogue about religion and Islam. I visited the center and had an opportunity to talk to some of the people there. Please pray for wisdom on my part concerning how to best engage in a dialogue with them. Pray for opportunities to clearly share the Gospel with them as well. 

 -Becky and I were able to buy some land a year and a half ago, and we would like to start building a home of our own soon. However, we have run into some difficulties with financial institutions in Mauritius concerning the possibility of obtaining a loan. The difficulty stems from the fact that our salary comes from overseas and from a non-profit organization. Two banks have already mentioned to us that they would not offer us  mortgage. We would appreciate your prayers for this matter. Pray that our application for a mortgage will be received favorably. 

 We appreciate your prayers for the ministry in Mauritius. 


Pascal and Becky

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