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Patrick & Teresa Pruett - Peru

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First off, we want to wish everyone a happy new year. We pray that this new year is an opportunity for us to serve Him better, and we also hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time. We certainly did and are excited to share with you what God has done here throughout December.

The month started off with us attempting to help a church that has been struggling over the last year. They called us and asked us to come and fill the pulpit and to see what we could do to help them find a new pastor and get things organized. Patrick has preached there multiple times during December and has now set them up on a schedule for preachers to come in and preach. We are currently seeking God's will in how best to help them and how best to find them a new pastor. It is not an easy situation especially with us trying to grow our own church in Barranco. Please pray for wisdom in how best to handle this church.

December was the month of our big Christmas event. We purchased 200 fruit cakes, printed our coupons, and set about handing them out event before December began.  The coupon said that it was good for one free fruit cake, and that all they had to do was come by the church and pick one up.  

The area we are in is staunch Catholic and is a very hard area to reach. Our church building is in a house on the street with a sign, but the people have a very hard time accepting that there is a church there. The purpose of the event was to be a blessing, give out the gospel, and to help people realize that there is a church in our building.

The event happened on the 21st and it was a great success. Hundreds of people came by the church to pick up a fruit cake. Each one received a fruit cake, and invitation to the church, and a gospel tract. We had many who stayed to ask questions and many who wanted to know more about the tract. We were able to share the gospel with many of them one-on-one, and best of all, our church members were there to help and grow as believers. We pray the Holy Spirit does His work through the tracts we handed out.

Throughout December our church has slowly moved forward with a new visitor every week. We have had a new family join and are excited to see what God has planned for us. We do ask your prayer in the matter of our building. As many of you know we will be losing our building in May. We had thought the building would be ours for a much longer time, but that will not be the case. We will have to move the church to a new location, hopefully, before May arrives. Pray we can find a place that is affordable and that we do not lose anyone during the transition.

We truly appreciate all that you do. From the financial support to the prayer support, we cannot thank you enough. Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions. 

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