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Patrick & Teresa Pruett - Missionaries to the World - Sent to Peru

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Dear Co-laborers,

We write to you this month with a healthy update on the church plant and a request for help. 

Our church is growing rapidly and people are coming to Christ. It is a very exciting time for us. Even though we just moved into a larger place, we are already starting to grow to our size limitation. We are thrilled to see more of the community walk through the church doors to hear the Word of God. But, as always with growth, there are challenges.

We have not completed the construction on the building and still have so much more to do to finish it. The bathrooms are not working correctly. Doors need to be built before being installed.

Pruett Flooring is not finished. We also have a rather large pigeon problem. This is not to mention our desperate need for a way to baptize. We have also started a bus ministry, which is going very well, but we are running into the problem of too many trips just to collect everyone for service. Because of this, we have a desire to expand the bus ministry. We are also building discipleship programs, as well as expanding our children's programs, due to all the new growth. We are so excited for this growth, and accept the challenges, but have been restrained from completing some tasks simply due to budgets constrains.



You see, when we made our budget to come to Peru, it was simply for Teresa and myself. After six years, we assumed the door was closed for us to have children. God showed us that nothing is impossible for Him and along came Isabel at the end of our deputation. We figured we could still make our budget work with our little miracle child. But unexpectedly and full of blessings, Ezra came along. Now our two person budget is stretching for four.

We are in a position that many missionaries find themselves in. Our ministry is growing rapidly and leaving the field to raise more support would be disastrous. But with our family growth, and dip in support levels, we are forced into a position of choosing ministry or family needs each month.

Our furlough at the end of our first full term is due to be for 2019, but we do not feel we will be able to leave our church so soon without causing major damage. So we have decided to stay until 2020. We have had many of the older, well known, people in the community begin to attend our church. One of them, Julian, told me he had never been impressed upon to attend a church near him until ours doors opened. He looked me in the eye, a man of 77 years, and said, “I know nothing of God's Word, and that must change. Not only for me, but for my family.” Folks, we need to be here, but our funds are causing constraints on how effective we can be.

We write to you to request financial help. Not just for us, but for Julian, Lewis, Cielo, and all the others who so desperately need someone to guide them to Christ; someone to teach them what the Bible says; someone to baptize them. God has opened doors here, and He can fill our financial needs. Would you consider being a part of that fulfilled prayer? No gift is too small to help us. Regardless of your response, thank you for all that you have done for us throughout our ministry. Your prayers, your encouragement, your letters and your continued financial support has made all this possible.