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Pruett Family July 2017 Update

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Dear Co-Laborers,

In the beginning of the month, we celebrated the first week with a signed contract for a new church building. Immediately, we started to work on transforming the building from a small store/tienda into a church and we have been working on it all month. We have installed drywall, cleaned wall-to-wall, painted, installed new flooring, replaced fixtures and lighting, and fixed the bathroom and kitchen. There is still quite a lot to do, but we are praying to be in by the 13th of August. Thankfully, God has provided funds for everything that has been needed so far and we continue to pray that God will bring in all that we need to finish the work. We even celebrated Peru's Independence Day, on the 28th, with our Peruvian family by having a work day on our new church building.

There have been a few set backs along the way this month. Patrick has been training a man, Fernando,  to be the pastor of the church for six months. After a long conversation, Fernando stepped down from his position to leave for his jungle home to start a children's ministry. This was quite a blow and has set the ministry back a good bit on finding a Peruvian pastor, but God knows what He is doing. Patrick is confident that the Lord has the right pastor being prepared for the right time.

It has also been a challenge finding material that is available in Spanish for our children's church and discipleship classes. We have spent a lot of time trying to choose the right curriculum for our youth. Because it has been so hard with shipping and availability, Teresa has been busy translating English material for our children's church all this month. We are praying it will be ready for the opening service of the new building. Thankfully, we were able to find discipleship material and have already started implementing it with our newer believers.

As for our family, we celebrated two birthdays this month, Isabel on the 16th and Teresa's on the 25th. Both were exciting days and we are looking forward to our 10th wedding anniversary on the 11th of August. As for the family health, the children's allergy tests came back with only skin sensitivity for Ezra. Isa on the other hand, showed that she has grown out of her diary allergy but into a soy allergy along with more skin sensitivities. This presents us with some unique challenges, but we are glad to finally know what to avoid now.  Patrick's medicine arrived this month from the states which has put his stomach in a good spot, but somehow he has managed to hurt his foot quite badly. Due to its location, it could possibly take six months to heal properly. Please pray for him, as his spirit is quite low. Six months of limited movement makes ministering much harder to do, especially in such a busy time for us.

Please continue to pray for those we are working with for salvation. We cannot thank you enough for all you do for us in your prayer and support. 

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