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Pruett Family - April Update

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Dear Co-laborers in Christ,
We want to give an account of the amazing opportunities that God has given us this month, as we attempted to minister after a natural disaster ripped through the country of Peru. There is a lot to share so our letter is a little longer than normal.
We spent the last week of March collecting material donations for a medical trip that happened on April 2nd. Those donations were able to be a part of providing clothing, tents, blankets, water, 200 meals, and medically treat 152 families. Not only was the physical need provided for but, praise the Lord, three entire families, as well as a middle age woman, accepted Christ as their personal Savior.
The following weeks, we were able to help a family close to our church whose property was destroyed by the flood. Two out of their three homes were swept away. When the city came to build up the river banks to prevent more flooding, they broke the sewer line, causing raw sewage to flow into their land. We immediately tried contacting the city to fix the sewage line, but they were busy trying to fix other issues caused by the flood. We were able to get quotes for fixing the property and the sewage lines but it ended up being quite a task. Each company saw the color of our skin and immediately increased the price. We eventually had to come to grips with the fact that we were going to have to pay more, if we were going to help this family fix their property.
But the Lord blessed, and not only were we able to help fix the property, but also convince the city to fix all the sewage problems. We also purchased two houses and their large kitchen items and beds. Because of this, we were able to witness to the entire family. Praise the Lord, Cielo (or Cindy for short) accepted Christ as her Savior. Patrick said he had never seen a person under so much conviction than when Cindy prayed for Salvation. Her plea was so sincere and simple: “I don't want to be lost anymore. I don't want to be lost anymore. Lord, save me.” She explained that her family tried to convince her that she was saved because she had been sprinkled with water as a child, but she knew she was not. Now, she knows for sure and is starting discipleship classes. Please pray for the salvation of the rest of the Fererez family.

We were also able to check on one of the original families that we gave tents to in March. Thankfully, most of the families are back on their feet, but one family is still in bad shape. They are currently still living out of those same tents we gave them in March, and still bringing water to the tents with buckets from the river. The mudslide wiped out one of their homes, and damaged the second beyond repair. Once we are able to help clear off two secure plots on their mud/rocked fill property, we will be purchasing prefab homes for them. This family is doing everything they can to get back on their feet, so we want to keep helping them until they do. The Lord is already blessing our decision, as the family has started asking questions and seeking spiritual advise. Please pray for the salvation of the San Martin family.
Our Easter celebration was one we were thankful to be apart of. Our tiny little church had 45 people in attendance to hear a clear gospel presentation. After service, we had an egg hunt (the first for almost all the children) as well as birthday cakes, celebrating five church member's birthdays for the month of April. We are pleased to say, Ezra's first birthday was part of that celebration. The Lord blessed our event by bringing many of those who came for Easter back for the following Sunday services. Due to the increase, we now have a mobilidad (church van) picking up people for church services. We are so thankfully to see the Lord's hand work in mighty ways and are overjoyed to be apart.
Please keep our family's health in prayer. Patrick was able to have a medical procedure that might shed some light on his health issues, which are increasing. We will receive the results on Tuesday. Isa has developed severe seasonal allergies that caused concern of her throat closing, and Ezra has a horrible cold.
We cannot thank you enough for your outpouring of support and extra donations. We would have never been able to accomplish anything if it wasn't for you. We are humbled and honored to be your hands here in Peru. To God be the glory, great things He has done! We hope to send pictures soon!

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