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Pruett Family September 2016 Update

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So many amazing things have happened this month that I am not sure it can all fit into this letter. It has been a tough but encouraging month, and we are excited to share with you all that has happened.

We started the month off with our first service which we reported about in last months letter. We did not have many people visit us that Sunday, and as the next Sunday was coming quickly, Patrick was trying to decide on whether or not to continue the English service. He decided to give it one more try and headed out to Barranco prepared for both services.

Upon arrival he was met by two Peruvians. One said that he had come from forty minutes away to visit the church and the other, Gonzalo, said that he had just moved to the area and had been praying that God would provide a church for him to attend and grow in. He was overjoyed to join us, and asked me to visit his family later in the week. It lightened our hearts to know that we were answers to direct prayer. The English service had five in attendance and all of them stayed for the Spanish service as well.

The Spanish service was where the real blessings began. A young woman by the name of Carla came to service alone, and she was looking for answers. I preached on what the Bible say about salvation. Throughout the service there were many questions, and it was a blessing to have such a wonderful discussion from people who were so hungry for answers. The service is set to last for one hour and not go over, but with all the questions, the service went on for two hours.

After it was over, most everyone went to the foyer to eat some snacks and talk, but Carla was still not done with her questions. She asked about prayer, how could she hear from God, and then she asked best question: how could she be sure she was going to heaven. We talked for another thirty minuets and Carla's soul was secured in Heaven that night. Praise the Lord, all the struggles we have been through in planting this church have been worth it for the one soul. We are working on getting her set up for discipleship classes and look forward to figuring out how to baptize.

The next week, I went to visit Gonzalo's family. When I left my house, I expected a few people to be there, but when I arrived, his entire extended family was there. I spent the afternoon sharing the gospel and answering questions. I invited the family to church, and the next Sunday, Gonzalo's dad, a staunch Catholic, came to service. Throughout the entire service you could see the Holy Spirit working on Him and at the end of service, he too had lots of questions. He sat and thought for a long time and eventually said thank you and that he would certainly return. Gonzalo told us after the service that his father has never let anyone finish a service... without leaving. Please pray that this man will answer the call that is so obviously being made.

The next Sunday we had ten people in service and were pleased to find that one of them was a Muslim. I preached about the church, and found that this man also had so many questions. He was taught that Christ never claimed to be Christ and never said we were to believe in Him. A quick review of John three set all of that straight. He was shocked to learn what he had been taught before was not correct. He also said he would like to return. The Holy Spirit is working on people every week here and we are excited to see it continue. Please pray that God allows us to bring in the harvest, and that the many people who receive the gospel each week will make the right but tough decision to forsake all else and come to Christ.

Thank you for all that you do. We could do none of this without your willing spirit and love for our God.

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