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When We Feel Like We Have Nothing Left

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“The time when we feel like we have nothing left is when God has room to work.”

The month of April was one of those months where you hit the end far before it's over and God has to carry you through the rest. We were able to really watch God work.

We started the month off with Easter Sunday. During prayer time at the end of service, we had two visitors admit to not knowing Christ and asked for prayer. Lately, these two ladies have been attending almost every church event but do not come to services. Please be in prayer for the young ladies who asked to know more about Christ.  We also had an Easter egg hunt after service which was an enjoyable success for all.

Through the month of April, we have had a guest speaker on Wednesday nights named Fransisco. He has been going through the basics of Christianity and doing a wonderful job reminding the church of what they have been taught. He heard of our need for a pastor and through another Peruvian pastor, he put us in contact with Agustin. 

After several meetings and much prayer, we are very excitted to annouce that Agustin is officially candidating for the position of pastor for our church. So far the people love him and are very excited about the possibility of having a Peruvian pastor. He has a wife of 20 years and three children. He and his wife are musically talented and excited to be working in our ministry. 

While we are excited about this recent update, we know there is still much ground to cover and much praying to be done. Please join us in praying for Agustin and the church so that God's will be done. Please pray for wisdom for us and the church members to make the correct decisions. Please pray God works mightily in this situation.

We have many things happneing in the coming moths that you can pray for. We will be starting English classes in hopes of attracting many who wish to learn English and share the gospel with them. We will also be starting a new push for weekly church visitation. Please pray that the church members respond well to this new push for participation.

Lastly, we would like to ask for help. The church is in desperate need of new Bibles. The ones they have are falling apart and are practically unusable. We purchase Bibles when needed but we would like to have Bibles on hand to give to those in need. We would like to buy a few boxes of Bibles, as well as discipleship materials, and more children's resources. If you would like to participate, please contact us directly for more information. 

Much has transpired in our personal life. We celebrated Ezra's second birthday and one set of his grandparents were here to celebrate with us. They were with us for two weeks, joining us in the work of our ministry, as well as enjoying the touristic side of Peru. 

As always, thank you so much for all that you do, so that we can do what we do here.


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