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Pruett Family October 2016 Update

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The month started off with a young man, named Ayirton, that bags groceries at the local market. Since tracts are not very common here, Patrick had put together a simple tract for us to hand out. When we are out shopping, we hand them out to those who have helped us. We had given Ayirton a tract and spoken with him about the gospel many times. A few weeks after he received his first tract, he informed us that he had accepted Christ, but did not know where to go from there. Patrick met with him and they decided discipleship lessons would be the best way to go. We have begun meeting every Friday for his classes. Please pray for Ayirton as he grows in the Lord.

The church is slowly but surely growing every week. All of the people who have come to the church came because of the sign, so we put up a new sign, which is easier to read and see from the street. We are excited to say that more have come due to the new sign. Due to low attendance, our English service has changed to an English classes to attract more people to hear the gospel. One of these English classes attracted an older gentleman who, after the lesson, asked to speak with Patrick. He asked if Patrick could share the gospel with him. He told Patrick that he had heard and accepted a gospel, but wanted to make sure that his decision was correct and from the Bible. We confirmed his salvation, and he expressed his excitement that there was a church in his neighborhood that preached the truth.

You may also remember the father of one of our regular attenders that is a staunch Catholic. The last time he came to service was his first time he listened to an entire sermon. He even asked questions after and it was apparent that the Holy Spirit was working on his heart. We are thrilled to say he returned to service on the last Sunday of this month. He sat through the service again and listened, but has not, as of yet, made a decision. Please continue to pray for him. His soul is searching for the truth but we pray that traditions of false teachings do not get in his way of salvation. We also ask for prayer as Carla begins her discipleship lessons with Teresa.

Sadly this month, we also had some difficulties obtaining Ezra's Peruvian passport. Because Ezra is a dual citizen he need to have his Peruvian passport to leave and enter the country. While in the process of trying to get Ezra's Peruvian passport, we found out our residencies were expired. It was frustrating for us, as the appointment for the passport took three months to get, and because of our residency status we could not received his passport. Thankfully, the woman in charge gave us a note to return as soon as possible. We fixed our residencies and returned a week later, and were finally able to get Ezra's passport, which means he can now leave the country.

We ask that you pray for us as we have an opportunity to purchase some property. The owner is not asking much, and the plot is not very big, but we feel that if the property works out it will be a wonderful opportunity to open another church. There is much to be done between now and the eventual purchase, but we ask for your prayers so that we can make the right decisions.

Finally, please pray with us as we are working with a church that is struggling greatly with many difficulties. It is an amazing group of people that have weathered some serious storms, and have a few more to go before they are clear of it all. We know, even though it is hard to accept, that these storms help grow our faith and strengthen our commitment. We thank you for all your support and prayers.

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