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Pruetts in Peru - June 2017

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Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

In a matriarchal society, a day that is barely recognized is Father's day. Even though there are events held to honor fathers, they are not well attended. Our desire was to make Father's day important because we have personally witnessed families being under attack. We know, the one root problem to this attack, in this culture, is that many fathers do not see themselves as an important part of the family and therefore, they do not participate in leading their family or in the raising of children. They see themselves as suppliers of money and after that, nothing.

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          We impressed our decision to honor our fathers weeks in advance and even made fliers to hand out, to encourage fathers to attend. We wanted make the men in our church feel a little different than what the culture depicts fathers to be. Patrick sermon was even focused on how important fathers are in our lives, as is our heavenly Father. Praise the Lord, we had many new visitors, including one from far up in the mountains come to participate. We choose to start out the service with a hearty breakfast. After service, we did a raffle and one of our fathers won a watch. He kept saying, “What luck! What luck!” because he did not own a watch and was so thankful for the gift. Most importantly, we had one confirmation of salvation. It was a wonderful spirit all around. Please pray that those in attendance will listen and respond to what the Bible says about the role of fathers in our lives.


            We also have some exciting to news. After searching for a few months, we finally found a new church building! After praying with the church over this building, we had a unanimous vote to move. The Lord worked it out that the building is owned by a church member's family member. Since three of the eight sisters are regular attenders, they encouraged their other sister, who owns the building, to word the renters contract in a way that we may leave the building whenever we want without penalty. This is unheard of with renter's contracts and gives us the freedom to continue looking for permanent property.  The building is in much need of cleaning, painting and construction to prepare for church use. Our prayer is that we can move in by August. Many of the church members have different talents to help in fixing things, but please continue to pray for quick repairs and funds to finish them all on time.

We are increasing with our new visitors and ask that you please continue praying for those who have not accepted Christ yet. There is thirteen year-old in particular named Luis. His sister recently accepted Christ  and radically changed her life for God. He has been faithfully attending church ever since her day of salvation. Our youth leader has shared the gospel with him multiple times and he is very concerned that he won't be with his sister in glory, but has not made a decision yet. Please pray the Holy Spirit works in his heart and that he will see his own personal need for a Savior.

Patrick's health issues continue but have gotten much better with a new medication. Please pray that we can continue with this medication, since it is not available in Peru and cannot be shipped. Thankfully, we just found someone willing to bring a six months supply in August but Patrick will be without it for one month. Please keep him in prayer. We also have finally decided to test Isa and Ezra for food allergies. Please pray for clear results. We cannot thank you enough for all you do for us in your prayer and support. 

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