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Pruetts in Peru - February 2017

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Dear Colaborers,

The heat of Summer has reached us here in Peru and with temperatures that reach into the 90s, we have made great use of the cool morning and evenings. January has been a time of big decisions for our ministry and we are excited to share with you to know where the Lord is leading us.

The month started with a visit from Teresa's brother. It was nice to have family here and to have the opportunity to share our home, as well as way of life, in Peru. It is always exciting to be able to show the differences of cultures with those from the US. Most people don't believe us, until we show them, that it takes an hour and a half to go twelve miles. It was also an opportunity to witness to Teresa's brother, since he is not saved. Please pray for his salvation.

Once he left, we focused again on the future of our ministry and where God is leading us. We have been praying about our temporary location since we learned of its short time frame. This month, we felt a certainty that God moving us away from our location in Barranco. Just to find our current location, it took us six months. We were due to lose our building in May and the Lord has opened nothing up in the area. Prices are ever increasing in Lima, making it even harder, and we no longer have peace staying in that area.

The more we prayed, the more the Lord led our hearts to end the cycle of renting buildings and to buy our own property large enough to be home to our church and school. As long as prices continue to be ridiculously high in Lima, the ability to rent will slowly slip from our grasp. It is customary that with each year, the rent increases. This causes the owner and renter to negotiate a new price. Some owners are known to increase the price by 20%, causing the renting price to dramatically increase. It is also customary for owners to sit with properties vacant than to take a lower rent price. We decided its better to make this move now, away from renting and towards buying, than to wait too much longer.

To that end, we will be moving our church towards the outskirts of Lima, where property prices are within our grasp and where there are large enough lots to accommodate a church and school. This opportunity has Patrick very excited, as it puts us on the outside of Lima's traffic. The outskirts of Lima are more towards the paths to mountain villages that have no church or gospel witness. Planting our church in this direction will give us the ability to reach out to these area with satellite churches, so that they to can have an opportunity to hear the gospel and be trained as well.

These are big decisions that require time, prayer, and finances to work. While we wait for God's leading, we will be renting a building on the outskirts of the Lima area to begin our work, while we search for land, raise the money for the purchase, and then raise money to build. As we look to the future, we ask that you join us in prayer and to consider if the Lord would have you contribute to the purchase of the land. We seek to purchase 10,000 sqft or more. This will allow us to all the space we need for a church and a school. We are praying to pay under $100,000 for the purchase of the land. We are taking this one step at a time, and we look forward to seeing what God will do.

Please also continue to pray for Patrick's health. We believe we have found the cause to many of his issues but the machine to test for it will be in maintenance for another month. There is not another one available in the country. Thank you again for all your support and prayer. 


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