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Pruetts in Peru - March Update

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Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

Sometimes when we missionaries write a prayer letters, we try to only add in the blessings and none of the real stuff that happens to us throughout the month. We realize that this, sometimes, can make us seem like we are not normal people, but we believe this month we clear that misconception up. We are certainly normal, and we struggle just like everyone else. But just like everyone else, we have an amazing God to carry us through. We believe February is a perfect example of this.

In general, this month has been one of the hottest Peru has ever seen. It has been a constant 88-90F in our apartment for weeks. This heat has caused serious problems not only in the country, but for our health as well. Patrick developed an allergic reaction to a soap that he used in a restaurant's restroom. Within a day, he was covered in swollen hives. The same day that he went to urgent care for his reaction, we returned that night with Ezra who had been fighting a fever for a few days and refusing to sleep. He was diagnosed with an ear infection and a swollen throat. Two days later, we returned to the clinic due to his fever returning. There, we learned that he was having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin that was healing his ear infection, causing him to break out into a rash all over his body. At the end of the week, one of Patrick's molars broke, leaving him in need of a possible root canal or crown. All in all, we went to urgent care five times in one week.

Through this time of struggle, God sent wonderful people with medical backgrounds to help us figure out the best plan to get Patrick and Ezra healed. It was also a massive blessing that Teresa and Isa were perfectly healthy to help nurse the two struggling men back on their feet.

The ministry this month has been a struggle as well due to all the health issues, but also because we had our last service in Barranco. Though we are moving the church to a new location, it was still a tear filled service as some of the members were leaving the country or the area. It was a bittersweet service, but God has done so much in such a short time and we are thankful for the time that we were allowed in Barranco. No matter how discouraging it was to lose that location, our time there was worth it. Two souls were gloriously saved. Over 2,000 gospel tracks were handed out. Many were able to hear the gospel, as well as learn a bit of English on the way. We did what God asked us to do in our short time in the building in Barranco, and now we look forward to what God holds for us in our new location.

For the new location, we are currently in negotiations with two different properties. The first is for the church location. This will be a temporary location while we look for property to purchase. It is right off the main road and is an ideal location for the people to get to. The price was a good deal, but due to the "gringos" being present, the price recently went up. The second property is for us

personally so that we can move closer to our ministry. Renting can be a minefield here, but God has been faithful and we are confident He will guide us through.

With this new location, we will be incurring more expenses to get the building ready. We will have to install new stairs for the entrance and build two rooms for the children's ministries. Since the new location will be absorbing a group of believers whose church disbanded, we will have even more people to help us get the ball rolling. We will also be training two men to work as pastors in the church. One is a young man, and the other is an older gentleman.

Pray with us that God continues to lead and guide us as we work for him. Thank you for all you do.

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