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Pruett's In Peru

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Dear Co-laborers,

As the plane prepared to land after a seven hour flight, I (Patrick) couldn't escape the feeling that I was coming home. I prayed and hoped, but was never sure if we'd be allowed to return, but here I stand, back in Peru: back home. With a deep breath, I knew taking this shorter trip was worth every obstacle that I had gone through to get to this moment.

From the day we left Peru in October of 2019 to now, so much has happened. We've seen and gone through trials, struggles, pain, and even losses. But now, on the other side; it's humbling to look back and see how much we can see God's grace guiding us through. We serve an amazing God, even though we don't see it sometimes.

We waited to send out this prayer letter so I could visit Peru and return back to the US. This letter will cover August and September.  I took the month of August to collect supplies for other missionaries and send funds for food distribution.

In Peru, I visited our churches, visited with pastors, with missionaries, and talked with every taxi driver, and any person I could get to talk to me; and I am overjoyed to say that it is time for us to return. In the two and a half short weeks I was able to spend in Lima, the opportunities that have presented themselves to us are overwhelming. The spiritual needs there are immense. Doors have opened with opportunities to (finally) help open a school, believers are asking us to help them start a church in their area, as well as other ministries asking for more laborers in their ministries.  God showed us, not only is it time to return, but that the country is in one of the greatest spiritual needs it has ever been in. The harvest is now and we are eager to be a part!

I saw that Peruvian churches that have reopened are seeing record numbers of attendance, salvations, and believers re-dedicating themselves to God. The country has been through so much, but now they are looking, searching for answers, and they are going to the one place they know they can get answers. They are not going to the Catholic Church, nor the Mormon Church, nor to Mosques, but to the gospel preaching churches that never gave up, to the God that never gave up on them.

So, our plan is to prepare our things here in the US, and return to Peru by the beginning of next year. We have a lot to prepare. As we begin this joyous process of finally going home, we have many things we need help with. Since we have been gone for so long, we will be, basically, starting over. We are going to need, roughly, $20,000 to return to Peru. This will help with the needs of plane tickets, a car, an apartment, furnishings, as well as school materials for our children for the next few years. Another obstacle is the need a raise a little more support to get us to 100%. If you know of anyone who is interested in joining us in our ministry by financial support, we would love to talk to them. $15 a month goes a long way when you are on the mission field. We know we only have a few months till January, but we know God is bigger than numbers. Please pray about assisting us getting back to Peru quickly.

We also have many things on this side of the pond to get ready before we go and are eager to begin that process. Please pray that these things go quickly and smoothly, especially with visas and moving. We are excited about what God is doing in Peru and what opportunities await us. Please join us in praising our amazing God for all He does for us, as well as about all we need before we leave.

We also want to say thank you to all our faithful supporters. Little did we know when we left Peru this past term how hurt and broken we were.  Little did we know that a pandemic was going to make us homeless multiple times and that we were all going to have to figure out a new way of life. You have stuck with us through this rough time of uncertainty, and we are grateful. God used this time for us to painfully grow, to heal, and hunger to be active in a Peruvian ministry again. We are so excited that it's finally time to get back to work in our beloved country and not to just help from far away. But our growing/preparing time here and our ministry work wouldn't be possible without your sacrificial giving. We are so grateful for you!

Please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or our newest addition, Instagram. Most importantly, we are thankful for your support. We cannot do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!