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Dear Friends and supporters,

In French, Isaiah 61:2 says, "Publish a year of grace of the Lord..." May this be our thought for this new year before us.  May we publish or proclaim the grace of our Lord in a world that is ever moving further away from the Saviour. This world seems to be going ever deeper into rejecting the whole notion of God, yet the gospel message of salvation by God's grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ is the only real hope for anyone who will believe.

On November 16th, our daughter gave birth to Quentin. Judy was able to go down to Toulouse and spend 10 days to help with the other kids.  PTL, he is doing well.

The Sunday before Christmas we had our Christmas program.  The children and the young people put together two plays and the choir sang, then I was able to share a gospel message on the True Gift.  Praise the Lord for a number of our unsaved friends and contacts who were there, including our former bakery lady and her husband, as well as unsaved friends of members of the church who have come several times now to our special meetings! Do pray that these people be saved before it's too late. Maybe in 2019?

The next day, Judy and I drove down to Toulouse to spend Christmas with Rebecca and her family, driving back to Lille the following Saturday to be here for the Sunday service. It's always great to be with the grandkids who enjoy having their grandparents for Christmas!

In December, I had a MRI to check on my prostate cancer.  It has not progressed since the last MRI, so that makes over a year that it has been stable. The metabolic approach that I have been using seems to be effective. Please pray that it will either continue to not grow or begin to regress. 

We had three, out of our over 20 distance-learning Bible Institute students, come for the January session.  Please pray that more students will come to the sessions and that even more students will enroll to train to serve the Lord in France.

My mom has been in an assisted living place since the end of October. She has decided to sell her condo, so I will be flying to Atlanta on February 4th and spend the month helping her clear out her things.  She is not real happy with the food at the place where she is, so pray that we can find somewhere, within her budget, that has a more balanced menu.  Also, while I am in the metro Atlanta area, I will be available to share about our ministry here in France. Just let me know if you are interested.

Since we have been back from the States, we have had several visits with our friends, Jean-Michel and Nicole, our former baker and his wife. Especially on our last two visits, we were able to open the Bible and share the gospel message with them once again.  There seems to be a work of God in their hearts, and they seem closer to coming to Christ than ever before. Please pray that they will take that step of faith of receiving Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

We have been able to spend time with Christine, a friend of Hanifa's, that has been reading the Bible for several years.  We have been going through a series of Bible studies, the ABCs of the faith and she seems to be really grasping some things that were maybe just words for her before now. It's rewarding to see her eyes be opened.

Our son, Nathanael is still in Ireland and working as a computer program developer.  He called a few weeks ago to tell us that he has bought a 30 foot long sail boat. Pray that the Lord protects him and that he does not try to go too far before he has mastered sailing. Thanks!

We want to thank you with much gratitude for your part in making this ministry possible.  May He be glorified.

Yours in Christ,

Greg and Judy Sirmons

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