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Raising Up National Leadership

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Dear Co-laborers,

We smiled as we walked away knowing this was in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Our prayer for Iglesia Bautista Refugio has been for the church to become a completely nationally run church, without assistance from gringos; and as we let go of the decision making, we realized that we are closer to that answered prayer. June was a hard transition for the Pruett family. After more than two years working in our church, we feel as if the transition from a missionary run church to a national run church has smoothly begun.

As stated last month, Agustin, who had resigned in September of last year, has returned and has been preaching for us for several months. He has recommitted himself to the church and is pastoring for us on a tentative basis until we feel like he truly making the needed commitment. The Lord answered his prayer for more finances with a contract to work at the archaeological site just a few streets away from the church so we are hopeful for the future.

With the tentative nature of Agustin, we are thankful that the Lord has raised up another man out of the church to be trained. Papo has been faithfully attending his theological lessons with Patrick and eager to learn how to become a pastor. We do feel that Agustin and Papo will be a great pair to continue the growth of our church, and together they have started making decisions for events at the church. We pray fervently that God will use these two men to keep Iglesia Bautista Refugio a refuge for those who need the gospel in Huaycan.

Not only has God provided pastors for the church, but the Lord has also raised men and women in the church to serve in other areas. We praise God that he raised a faithful trustworthy member to become the treasurer of the church. This is a tremendous blessing because not many could handle the position responsibly. We also now have four teachers for the children’s church and a potential teacher for ladies’ meetings.  These are immense answers to prayers and are crucial to help this ministry continue to grow.

This transition has left us yearning for our furlough. We will almost complete five years on the field with no breaks, and we are eager to have time to refresh our souls while visiting our faithful supporters and family back in the States. Our desire is to be home for Christmas. As we started preparing, we have found it very difficult to find the necessary things we need to spend a year in the States. Our living location is not 100% certain. We will also need a vehicle to purchase so we can travel. Lastly, we need to raise our support levels now that we have two children and living expenses have increased dramatically in Lima. Please pray with us that the Lord provides all that we need in order to purchase our plane tickets home. Thank you for all you do for us! Please feel free to contact us via email or through our Facebook page at “Pruetts in Peru”.  We have lots of photos there to see. Most importantly, we are thankful for your support. We can not do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!

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