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Dear Friends,

I am sure many of you would agree that this has been a year to remember with much happening which we would like to forget…  For me, it has been six years now since my husband, Wayne, passed and six months since my son, Sam, left us.  My comfort remains in the Lord and the knowledge that they are both in heaven. 

Grief can make one wonder why we are left here while our loved ones are taken.  This has been a hurdle for me with the conclusion that God has allowed me to live so I must continue to live for Him.  It remains a day to day challenge with the ever- growing knowledge that God never leaves nor forsakes His children.

I continue to reach out to our missionary families with cards, emails, or gifts of encouragement.  With colleges resuming (hopefully) this fall, I want to connect with our students and let them know of my thoughts and prayers as well hear of their needs.  Although relationships form slowly, I find joy in receiving answers to emails and reading   expressions of gratitude for our outreach.

Again, I am so grateful for your support, whether prayerfully or financial!  Always, I am reminded I could not minister effectively without Christians who surround me with prayer and concern!


Angela Harper

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Hi Angela, this is Traci from Temple Baptist Church. could you send me your email address or facebook contact info for our missionary prayer warrior project.

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