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Recent News from France

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings in the name of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We pray that this letter finds you doing well and that He is blessing each of you.

We still have some limitations because of the Covid-19 problem.  We must have at least one meter between all the chairs in our church hall, which cuts the number of seats from about 90 to 30. This last summer, we put up a tent in the yard next door so that the kids could have a junior church at the same time as the adult church service.  Seeing the fall and winter coming, we emptied the storage areas of the basement and took down two walls to expand the space to a 10 by 6 meter room, then we put down tile on the floor and painted the walls. This created a space there for the junior church service.  

The government has just established a 9pm to 6 am curfew in 9 major cities in France where they judge that the virus is spreading too fast.  Lille is one of those cities.  This does not change much for us as we have still been doing our prayer meeting and weekly Bible study by Skype and Facebook.

Recently, the French president has announced a new law that will make home schooling illegal in France.  The reason given is that there are some extremist muslin families that are indoctrinating their children into some dangerous teachings. This is only a very small minority of the 50,000 home schooled kids in France. As you may know, our daughter is home schooling our 7 grand kids.  Pray that this law does not pass as it will be voted on on December 9th.

Our daughter had contracted Covid-19 in March, she has suffered from what is called “long haul covid”.  She is doing better but still has not completely overcome it.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Our son, Nathanael is still living in Ireland.  He came to visit us in September; it was good to see him again.  He just got his first contract as a free lance computer programmer.  Keep him also in your prayers.

As you may already know, I have had prostate cancer for the last 4 years and have been dealing with it by active surveillance and using a metabolic approach.  I believe that I have slowed the growth, but it has grown from 10mm to 15mm in that time. Recently, we went to see an urologist that uses the HIFU method, hoping that he could use this to destroy the tumor.  Unfortunately, he cannot use this method because of where the tumor is located.  He strongly recommended surgery.  I will have a PET scan on November 4th.  I still would like to avoid either surgery or radiation because of the long term side effects.  Pray that the Lord give wisdom.

As for Judy, she is doing well except for flair-ups of arthritis in her back and neck, which happens from time to time and typically lasts a few weeks.  Pray that this will stop or that we can find a treatment that will prevent it. She’s suffering from it right now and would like to find relief.

Each year, one of our big evangelistic outreaches is our Christmas program.  The kids do some short plays, the choir sings and I preach a gospel message.  Because of covid, we will not be able to do it like we have done each year for a very long time. So, this year, we are going to put together a Christmas video and everyone can share it with their friends and family.  Pray that we can get it together and that it will be used of the Lord to touch hearts.

Continue to pray for our many contacts that they will come to faith in Jesus Christ and pass from spiritual darkness to the light of Christ.  One that we have mentioned in the past is Vanessa; she has come to Christ and is a baby in the Lord.  Pray that she will grow and be added to the church.  Pray for Mrs. Piers, as her health is not good but needs the Lord. Pray for our neighbors that the message of salvation will touch their hearts.

Again we want to thank you for your prayers and support. May the gospel of Christ be preached to the lost in France because you cared.

Yours in Christ,

Greg & Judy

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