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Recent Rio Indio Seminar

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The week began with a special evangelistic service held by the hosting church. We praise the Lord that there were 2 professions of faith. During the week-long seminar, Clip taught on stewardship; Tony Steele, the missionary who helped start the seminars in Rio Indio, taught on homiletics (how to prepare sermons and lessons). We were greatly encouraged by the questions that were asked and by the participation of each student. The last two days each student was able to preach or teach for 10 minutes, putting into practice the things they had learned. 

We ask you to pray for the next seminar in Rio Indio, which is scheduled for August. Additionally, Clip and Amado, the pastor of the church in Rio Indio, will be returning to Bocas del Toro later this year in order to have a seminar on discipleship. Please pray as we will plan further seminars to meet the desire these people have to receive biblical teaching.

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A pastor teaching during the seminar. Twenty-one students either preached or taught implementing the things they had learned during the seminar. They were very nervous when they heard they would be teaching, but each one did a great job.

Celebrating with a Local Church

On May 27, Clip preached at Pacora Baptist Church where they were celebrating their 34th anniversary. It was a special honor to be with these brothers and sisters to thank the Lord for His faithfulness and grace. Please pray this church remains strong and faithful.

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Tony Steele teaching during the seminar.

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Clip preaching at the 34th anniversary of the Baptist Church in Pacora.

Isaac's Piano Recital

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Isaac playing the piano during his recital.

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Mary and Isaac waiting for the piano recital to begin.


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