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Residence of Spain

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We have been in Spain now for over five years as temporary residents which means that we deal with a lot of political red tape as foreigners. The people here are so kind but the process it takes to live here as a foreigner is a massive undertaking.

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Here we are in the Plaza de España last Monday.

Now that we have our permanent residency, we are afforded many benefits such as an opportunity to work as well as participation in the healthcare system. This also gives us ease of access to all other countries in the EU.

Family Stuff

peters march 19 1Oliver recently had a strong strep throat infection which had pinched some muscles in his neck. It wasn't extremely serious but he was hospitalized for five nights for observation until the antibiotics eliminated the infection. Thank you for praying for our family!

Outreach Project

peters march 19 2In the picture above we are meeting at our other location in Valencinas de la Concepcion. We put together several care packages (socks, food, toiletries, etc.) along with some gospel literature for the many homeless people in our city. Everyone pitched in and gave to the project!

We purposely looked for opportunities to not just give tangibly but also talk to these people about Jesus Christ and pray for them. Sevilla is so international! Pictured below, the man on the right is from Lithuania but is living homeless in our city. The world comes to us here in Sevilla!

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God bless you guys and thank you so much for being a part of what is going on here in Spain!

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