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Russ and Lynn Turner June Update

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Your Gift at Work

Thanks to all of you who are partnering with several indigenous tribes to provide meeting places in strategic locations for teaching seminars, worship services and evangelistic outreach. 

Turner August 5

In the last 18 months we have assisted in building 5 new churches.

Praise - Update on Lynn

Turner August 4The heart catheterization was done, and the blockages did not require a stent. She will continue to be treated with medication and monitored. We appreciate your prayers. Please continue to pray for her.

As Lynn recuperates, Russ is studying, writing, editing, and producing new material for upcoming seminars among several tribes in the coming weeks. What a great opportunity to satisfy hungry hearts! 


Upcoming Events

Through the sacrificial giving from our financial partners, God has provided the funds to purchase a Yamaha 150 motorbike for Luis, the Guahibo missionary and pastor. This motorbike will be used to traverse the expansive Guahibo reservation as Luis and I go from village to village preaching and teaching God's Word.

Thank You for partnering with us in the outreach of Latin America. Your prayers and financial support make it all possible.

Russ and Lynn Turner

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