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    A topic that seems to frequently come up as we raise our support is sacrifice. When we tell people we are missionaries, many immediately think we are making a huge sacrifice financially, relationally, etc. And while some of this is true (it is a sacrifice to spend so much time traveling and it will be a sacrifice to move far away from family), I struggle with how to respond to such comments. Especially when some have commented to me that I am giving up everything for the sake of being a missionary. 
    The simple truth? We aren’t giving up everything. When we move to Portugal, I plan to take things with me. Some furniture, books (we have a lot of these :), and even my Kitchen Aid mixer. I open my closet each day and that alone tells me that I have not given up everything to be a missionary. 
    And then I was having a conversation with a good friend a few weeks ago. We were talking about our budgets and about how difficult it is to make it all fit. She commented to me that she felt like they needed to raise their grocery budget but that the money just wasn’t there. Her words struck me because she and her family have been faithfully supporting us for months now. I realized then and there that here was someone who was making a great sacrifice for Jesus. In my mind, this sacrifice that she and her family were making seemed bigger than any sacrifice I was making. 
    And we know that this is the case with many of you. You are making sacrifices so that the gospel can be preached in Alcochete, Portugal. And we thank you for this.   
    We also want to thank Life Line Baptist Church of Camby, In for partnering with our ministry. This is a great encouragement to us!

    Thank you also for your continued prayers regarding our family’s health. As we mentioned before, it looks like Alaithia and Zoe also have Long QT Syndrome. We are taking them to a specialist in Ann Arbor next week and we are still waiting for the results from genetic testing. We again appreciate your prayers and we will keep you updated!

Prayer Requests

  • Partners in planting churches in Portugal.
  • A properly functioning vehicle and safety in travel.
  • The Holy Spirit to begin working in the heart of those in Alcochete, Portugal.
  • Spiritual and physical health for our family.

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