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School's Out

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Well, here are the boys at their school program! We have been able to connect deeply with so many families and teachers at our boys' school. Even the director wants to bring us into the school to teach english. What an amazing opportunity! God has surely given us influence in our community. Also, our English academy we started in our home is done for now until September and then we're back at it.

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Jack with his teacher

Peters 6 June 4Ordination   We recently ordained Matt as an elder here at church. Matt has been leading in teaching the Word as well as worship when we gather. He's been working with many of the students and has helped them spiritually while they are part of our church family. Matt says he has a desire to serve the church and to continue growing together.

Peters 6 June 5

Goodbyes are the worst   From left is Annabelle and Vivian. Annabelle is a student from Wisconsin who has been part of our church family for about 6 months. In her time with us, she has served the church as well as brought locals to our church service! We've grown to love her very deeply and it's a heartache to see her go back to her home. We'll keep her in our prayers.

 Last month was Feria which is the Spanish version of a state fair. It is ten whole days of singing, dancing and carnival rides! It is a very family friendly Spanish tradition that is over 100 years old.

Here we are eating with a large group from our church. Talk about a very social atmosphere! It is no strange thing to see the streets lit up and literally thousands of people gathering until the early hours of the morning.

Peters 6 June 7

What I have been reading...

You are being hunted.

"Like a seasoned angler, our enemy opens his tackle box and selects the lure most likely to attract his intended prey—usually the one you and I are least likely to consider harmful. Each lie we bite on causes us to feel pain, lose or injure relationships, and miss out on the abundant life that God wants us to have. Lies Men Believe exposes the lies that men most commonly believe, and shows you how to combat those lies with the truth of God's Word."

God bless you guys and thank you so much for being a part of what is going on here in Spain!

Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry



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