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Short Update

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Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

Please forgive us for a short update this month. While the past month has gone well, it has been a busy time for us. We will share more in our June update. For now, there are a few immediate prayer requests to share with you:

  • Clip will be leaving this Sunday, May 20, in order to teach a seminar Monday - Friday.
  • On Sunday evening (before the seminar begins) Clip will be preaching during an evangelistic service. The 30 adults members of the church in Rio Indio have each been praying for ten lost people. The goal is for the members to invite the 300 people for whom they have been praying to the service! Please pray that many of those invited will come, and that God will prepare their hearts for the gospel.
  • Please pray for Mary and Isaac while Clip is away.
  • We have several Panamanian brothers and sisters in Christ who are going through difficult times due to health or family issues. Please pray for God's grace and comfort in the lives.

In Christ,

Clip, Mary, & Isaac

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