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Spreading Joy in Guyana

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SPREADING JOY IN GUYANA: The Bible tells us that, “…there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” (Luke 15:10) I write this letter with my heart filled with joy over the power of the gospel reaching one soul at a time. Yesterday Wendy and I started our day just after 7 am connecting with Pastor Norbert in his home. I shared a short message and prayed over his family. From there we repeated this several times over the next several hours. Norbert would reach a home, call me over WhatsApp, and I would give a message to the people and pray over them. We wrapped up our day just before 1 pm, but not before we got a report of a young lady giving her life to Christ. As Norbert was moving about, he came across a young lady who said, “I have never had someone ask me to give my life to Jesus, but I want to do that today!” Right there, in a remote location, beyond the reach of the internet, Norbert had the great joy and privilege to led her to Christ. What a wonderful reminder of the power of the gospel, reaching areas that have yet to be touched by modern technology and the internet. You can be sure that heaven was rejoicing over this precious soul turning to God.

WHERE IS PASTOR GREG? I have been telling you about the remote Warau (pronounced War-oh) people who have invited me to their villages. Yesterday Pastor Paul reached a group of them to bring them encouragement. Immediately they asked him, “Where is Pastor Greg?” Paul explained to them about the pandemic and the travel restrictions. Paul told me that they seemed puzzled as he explained these things, and they said to him, “We had not heard about this sickness (pandemic).” Think of the contrast – all over the world people’s lives have been radically altered by the measures put in place to stop the spread of this virus. At the same time, life for these Warau people continues as it has for generations – unaware of all that is going on outside of their world. Sadly, many of them continue living in need of the Savior and the good news of the gospel. Important note, they live this way not because they have rejected the truth, they live this way because they have not heard the truth.

MOBILIZATION EFFORT: Please put May 6-7 on your prayer calendar. I am pulling together a small group of people to discuss what I hope will become a significant mobilization effort. If these past 10 years have taught me anything in leading teens and college students on mission trips, it is that young people are more interested in sacrificial service for God than we give them credit for. For years I have been telling people that our ministry in Guyana has the potential to be a platform for mobilizing young people for missions. Now is our time to make this dream a reality. It would be a great encouragement to our team if we could hear from you that you will pray with us as we meet.

SO MANY MORE VILLAGES: Pastor Paul shared with me about his brother Ashton this morning. Ashton was reached through our ministry many years ago, and he is a true lover of God. Over the past several months, due to work, he has been traveling in some of the most remote villages in our region. He has reported back the need for churches in village after village. Not only is there a need – in most cases the people are asking us to come to their village and start a church. My heart is both excited at the opportunity and hurting for those still living beyond the reach of a local church and the preaching of the gospel. I am grateful to God for the reputation of our ministry throughout the region where people know of us and want us to minister where they are. I don’t take that influence lightly – it is part of the fruit that is now bearing after more than 20 years of loving and ministering to these dear people.
Last minute update: Current restrictions and curfews in Guyana have been extended through June 3


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