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Steve Trexler - Liberia, West Africa

“For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” Ephesians 4:12.

Dear Prayer Partner’s,
I was walking home from the clinic recently and I noticed Sister Oretha’s intently looking over the new shop that was constructed for her family through Hands and Feet Ministries. She mentioned how appreciative she was for a group of people who although they do not know her well, were moved with compassion for her and her family following the loss of her husband, Pastor Thomas. They hope to sell supplies from the shop to people living in the area.
Hands and Feet were quite active in other areas during their time here. They were involved in some complex electrical work in the guest house as well as repairing some equipment. They also visited the Rainbow and Feleta Orphanage’s where they taught children about good and bad fruit in their lives and lessons from the life of Samson. The leaders and the children from these orphanages were blessed tremendously for the “People from America” to come here and spend time with them. It is an experience they remember for a long time and one they look forward to every year.
Sunday we had services in Coopers Farm. It is about two hours from here and is a church we started in 2004.They are a small but faithful group and we want to encourage them and instruct them in spiritual growth. We have started quarterly conferences to encourage the leaders of the various churn plants we are involved with. It is a great time for them to travel, have fellowship and be encouraged through God’s word.

Our students are now away from campus on their first affiliation where they are being challenged in their clinical knowledge. Many have reported positive responses and are learning and being embraced by their host institutions. I ask that you will pray for them as they go through this new experience.
I am so thankful for your faithfulness and ask that you keep our team in your prayers as there seems to be attacks on many different fronts from the wicked one. I could not be serving here in Liberia without your support. Thank you so much.
Serving Jesus,
Steve Trexler

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