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“It must be so difficult traveling so often and staying with people you don’t even know.” Sometimes this statement is very true. Other times it is so far from the truth - sometimes it is so easy!     

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This past month we were privileged to be able to stay with the sweetest couple in Pennsylvania. As soon as we pulled into the driveway they came outside to greet us and it was instant friendship. And actually it was more than that - it was like we were visiting family. Or even like we were coming home after a long trip.       
Our visit with them lasted several days and they treated us to such delicious food.  We had pulled chicken (with barbecue sauce all the way from Texas), perfect homemade apple pie, and those yummy Klondike bars. The food was great but the fellowship was even better. We had several days with them but it didn’t seem long enough. Just like you sometimes don’t want to leave home we didn’t want to leave our home away from home. There were even a few tears as we pulled away on Thursday morning…it wasn’t the staying with “strangers” that was difficult. It was the leaving that was difficult. 

But yet we are so thankful that it was difficult to leave because it means that we loved our time spent with our new family in Pennsylvania. We made memories that we will never forget and God allowed this sweet couple to be such a blessing to us. 

Prayer Requests
  • Remaining 15% support
  • Safety in travel
  • The Holy Spirit to work in the heart of those in Alcochete, Portugal
  • Spiritual and physical health for our family.
  • Packing for Portugal
  • An affordable vehicle

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