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Successful Seminar in Rio Indio

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Four weddings and a seminar made for a great week! We finished the Reaching and Teaching seminars in Rio Indio on January 18. I am thankful that Russ Turner and Tony Steele have allowed me to participate in these seminars. The topics were (1) spending time alone with the Lord, (2) worship and praise of God, and (3) church discipline. Those in attendance seemed to not only enjoy but were already putting many things they had learned in practice by the time the week was over. All of the students seemed very proud as they were presented their graduation certificates at the end of the week. 

Celebrating the 4 weddings was also an incredible event. It was exciting and encouraging to see the joy these couples had. We praise the Lord for their commitment to marriage. 

On a personal note, I (Clip) was greatly encouraged and convicted on the first night of the week when Lazaro told me he had learned so much about fasting during the previous seminar. He told me that he had been fasting on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month, and at times for a few days at a time. Wow! It certainly convicted me, because I do not practice the discipline of fasting that consistently. On the other hand, it encouraged me to know that God’s Word does not return void. At times we do not realize who is listening, learning, and applying.

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The graduates who completed all nine seminars in Rio Indio.

Suddeth Feb 19 2

The happy couples who were married on January 16. 

 Suddeth Feb 19 3

Lazaro, his wife, Fidelia, and Clip. (Lazaro is the man who is fasting 3 times each month.) 

A New Church Will Begin the Pray for Me Campaign

We had the honor to be in Sinai Baptist Church in the city of Sabatinas on January 27, in order to present the Pray for Me campaign to the church. As a result of this day, more than 50 young people in this church will be prayed for every day during the upcoming school year (March - December). 

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Matt Campbell (left), praying for the students and their prayer champions at Sinai Baptist Church. Matt is a friend who is the pastor of Central Baptist Church in Spring City, TN. We are thankful for his visit and the encouragement he gave us. 

Suddeth Feb 19 5

Pastor Luis Bacerra with the young people of Sinai Baptist Church.

Other Updates

The Bible Study we have in our home on Monday evenings has been off to a good start this year. Also, the leadership classes at the church in Espave are going very well. We are studying the book of Acts with both groups, which is nice for us for at least two reasons. First, personally, it is causing us to go deeper in our personal study of God’s Word. Secondly, the fact that everything is in Spanish, and therefore takes more time to prepare (we are still growing in our ability to speak the language), makes our preparation time so much more productive.

Prayer Requests

  • The Lord will give us spiritual and physical strength.
  • The Lord will use the Pray for Me campaign here to bless the young people in the churches and build solid, biblical relationships. 
  • Continued growth in biblical knowledge and personal application for everyone who is involved in the weekly meetings we have.

The Lord will guide our steps as we consider: (1) Where will the next generation of pastors come from, not only in Panamá but also in Central and South America? and (2) What can we do to meet this need? 


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