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Taco Tuesday

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One of our favorite places in the states is a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant called Pablo’s in Lansing, Mi. By the third month here, we were missing our favorite little Mexican restaurant and in all honesty, tacos in general. Flying to the states obviously wasn’t an option, so we began to make our own tortillas, pico de gallo, and slow cook a pork roast on the grill. Taco Tuesday was instituted soon thereafter and it has become quite the family event. The girls make the tortillas, Elijah makes the pico, David grills, and Michelle cleans the mess ;) It’s a big deal! 

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After dinner one night I thought I should let our neighbors try some typical “American” food. So I made a taco with all the fixins and shared it with them. A couple of weeks later I invited them over to our house for Taco Tuesday. They said they’d let us know next week. Now here’s the thing. The missionaries with whom we are working, David and Sarah Booth, had invited this same family over to their home many times before and each time there was no answer. Based on this we figured they probably weren’t going to come over to our house, either. But Monday our neighbor Mr. Cunha came over and said, “You can count on us for Taco Tuesday!” We were so excited! We thanked God for this opportunity and for our new friends. We enjoyed that Taco Tuesday with new friends. We did a lot of laughing, and we hope to do it again soon (next Tuesday, right? :)

Is there something special about tacos? Well of course, but that’s not why they came over. Was there something special about us? You met us on deputation and I think you’d agree the answer is no! What about our missionary friends? Nothing much more special than us. The key was eight years of building a foundation of friendship. We reaped the rewards of the labor of the Booths. This is the importance of what we are doing here. Cultural learning, language learning, and people learning. We have one ultimate goal that we are focusing on at the moment: to build relationships for the Glory of God. Maybe we won’t be privileged to see the fruit, but we hope that we will cultivate relationships that will reap lives that bring Glory to God. 

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