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Weddings and God's Supply

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Greetings from sunny, warm Uganda! We hope you’re all staying safe and warm in the cold temperatures we’ve been hearing about. 

In our last newsletter, we asked you to pray for our P7 & S4 students who were taking major exams. We’re happy to announce that all our P7 students passed. We should receive the S4 results any day. Thank you for your prayers! 
We also asked you to pray for the four couples who were working to meet their families’ requirements in preparation for their weddings. 

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Well, the Lord provided, and what a day of celebration we had! We did face some difficulties, but God brought us through. We had a late start after a morning of heavy rain, but better late than never. One of the couples was also very sick. He has asthma that was causing problems, and she had an upper respiratory infection that made her feel miserable. They were picked up from the doctor to come to church, and they made it through the wedding. 

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It’s exciting to see these couples growing in the Lord and to see them continuing on in the face of resistance! 

We were blessed to have Amanda here for her school holiday. If you know her, you know she loves being busy serving the Lord.

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Two of the ministries she’s been most passionate about here are the street kids and children’s ministries. She arranged a day to get together with the street kids for games and a time of encouragement. She also arranged a kids’ party. We had no idea how many would come, and were pleasantly surprised when over 400 came. 

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We didn’t know if we had enough supplies, but God didn’t let them run out. Many seeds were planted that day as the children heard the Gospel while making Gospel bracelets.  Please continue to pray for Amanda as she continues her second year at WOL in Hungary, and as she prays about God’s will for her for next year.

We’ve been raising money to complete the construction of our secondary school building. We had raised enough to get to the roof and most recently were praying for the money to finish the roof. We’re thankful to say God provided yet again! Please continue to pray that He will provide for us to finish the rest of the construction. Our secondary classes are getting bigger, which is great, but that means they’re outgrowing their temporary classrooms. We’re hoping God will provide for them to begin classes in the new classrooms next term. It’s a big request, but we serve a mighty God!

We start our new school year Monday. Please pray with us for the safety of our boarding students as they return over the weekend, and pray for the hearts of all our students. Pray that they will increase in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. (Luke 2:52)

Please continue to pray for our church as well. God continues to add to our numbers.  Last week a man came to church looking for help due to many troubles in his life. As one of our men was talking to him, he gave a testimony that is too common here. He had gone to a church, someone prayed for him, and he was told that he was saved. As the man in our church showed him from the Bible the true plan of salvation, the man excitedly prayed himself to ask Christ for true salvation! Jim gave him a Bible this week before our Wednesday night service. If only we could show all of you the joy that this man expressed for the gift of a Bible! He sat down on a bench and started reading it right away. Oh that we would all be that excited for God’s salvation and His Word!

Jim has added another class in the Bible college. His Wednesday class continues to grow, so he will be teaching Baptist distinctives to those that have joined more recently. Michelle will be starting a Bible study with the ladies in our church. After a couple years of many changes, we’re looking forward to seeing what God will do this year in the hearts of those who have persevered and in those who have recently joined. Colossians 1:10-That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.

Thank you for continuing to serve God by caring for the people in the ministry here.  We appreciate as always the prayers and financial support that allows us to live and work with the people God has placed here.   


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