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Terry Family - February Update

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A Proud Coach...
We have started back with the football ministry. We have been practicing Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 7:00 for weeks. I have been doing our team devotional from the book of Proverbs focusing on how a young man can avoid bad decisions.

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We are starting to see some of the players come to church and some of our more mature players are inviting other kids from their class and witnessing to them. Pictured above are the fourteen players who earned a spot on the starting team for Last Saturday's game. Five of which are meeting with me every Sunday afternoon to study the book of Romans. These guys are the ones who put in the most effort and exhibit the best behavior on the practice field. Their first real game they had a few mistakes and went down two goals in the first half. When this happens the people in the village start taunting the players, and saying all kinds of things to me and the team to try and make us mad. I have always instructed our team to keep their mouths closed, to ignore their taunting, and play the game. Well they did just that. The team collected themselves and came back scoring two great goals to tie the game. They never complained or cried about the ref or players or anything. I could not be happier about their behavior. We preached to about 150 people at half time encouraging them to trust Christ as their savior. Pray that our words will stay with them and that the Holy Spirit would drawl them to salvation. We also shared a meal with both teams at the host church to encourage the players to visit on Sunday. Our guys were very polite and even thanked the host church before we left. I have great hope for these young men, please pray for them, and the other fifteen players who come to practice.

Broken glass but not dead...

During our first football ministry outreach, a massive storm started to blow through the town. The winds were gusting and the people in Bellimue said I should move the truck out from under the cotton tree where I was parked. The trees are about 70 feet tall and unknown to me often drop branches. So I ran to the truck to try and move it out of the way. When I reached the passenger side near the hood, a five pound chunk of wood fell from about 40 foot up and hit the truck window. I was just a few feet away when it hit the glass and it really startled me. A few feet the other way and it could have severely injured or even killed me. The force of the falling wood was so strong that it stuck in the plastic in front of the glass. I could not remove it so I had to drive home with a chunk of wood sticking out the hood.

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The original piece was about ten to twelve inches in diameter denting the hood where the dirt mark is and smashing the bottom edge of the passenger corner glass. Needless to say, I have to replace the windshield now. But it is better to have a broken window than to be injured here. Praise God it is just a broken window.

Cheap Cheap Equipment...

This is a football boot from one of our players after about one month of play. The equipment here is very poorly made and over priced. Our players come to practice wearing any type of shoe they can find, including girls shoes. Some do not have shoes so they play in socks. About 80 percent of our players have asked me to help them buy boots that will look like the picture above in a month and cost about $25. They start to fall apart in about two weeks and are glued, sewn, and patched over and over until they are unwearable.

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We have started a scholarship for the best behaved players who come to practice and Bible study, and attend church. However, we can only manage a few players at a time. So I would like to know if there is any interest among our supporters to adopt a player and buy them some good quality football boots costing about $60-$75 each. Or if anyone knows of any contacts for donations, or team purchases. I have tried contacting companies like Adidas to see about special pricing or charity, but I have not gotten a response. We are planning to buy the first batch of boots for those completing the Sunday afternoon Bible Study. I plan to measure their feet and buy the boots online to be shipped in a barrel. Please email me if you have any interest in this project.

Too Many Questions...

Last week I, Jennifer, had another big day at school... I was put out. Not exactly, but that is how we make light of the issue because children are always "put out" of school for not paying fees, not wearing the right socks, or not having their hair neat. I have been trying to get dates set for meetings at the school for various things that the school board, the principal, other teachers have all agreed need to be discussed. Well, last week there was a meeting called by the new principal. I was waiting, but the meeting never took place. I asked him when it would be and he said, "well, we might have the meeting, but some people are concerned and I'm asking you to stay out from all of our meetings." I asked why and was told it is because I ask too many questions about what is happening. I agreed to stay out, but told him that also meant I was finished teaching, requesting donations, or purchasing materials. I explained to him and each of the teachers I was happy to work with them if they wanted help, and they could come to me if I am not welcome to be part of the school. Later that day 3 of the teachers came to the house asking me to come for a meeting they had called for the next day. Most of the staff took part in the meeting saying they disagreed with the idea of keeping me out of their meetings since I am "one of them" (a teacher). Some teachers did not attend this meeting asking me back. I have since asked what I have said to make people the most upset and was told the thing that led to telling me to stop asking questions was bringing up the issue of teachers having relationships with students in the schools. I thought for sure it was about money, or teachers staying out of school for several days, or sitting on the campus but never going in a classroom. I am back at the school and once again part of their meetings. Please pray as it is an uphill battle. Pray for the teachers at the school who are trying, but have a very hard time going against their society. Pray for wisdom as I am considering the best way to move forward.

Books Away...

Two weeks ago, we carried two large barrels of books to Grace Elementary school. We send a few kids to school there and believe it is currently the best place to receive the materials. I also know the principal and he assured me they would be put to good use. We still have 3-4 barrels of books reserved for Liberty Elementary, but currently they have no place to store them until the building is finished. We keep the majority of the books in the barrels but since Jennifer works with Liberty, she carries some of the books to school and back. She also allows the kids to come to the house to practice reading when they are able. Thank you for giving, your gifts are being used!

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