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Our house was full of not only church members and friends, but also several people from our neighborhood. Our church family was able to build many new relationships as we celebrated. We had people from Spain, USA, Germany, England and more gathering around the table! ...but of course the food was traditionally American because everybody loves pumpkin pie! 

Click the picture below to watch a thanksgiving video!

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Baptism Sunday 12/2/2018

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There were 40 of us in attendance and we listened to a sermon in English from Tim, a German foreign exchange student, while Mike translated it into Spanish. We found a place to baptize near our home at the river behind the grocery store. We sang and prayed and then we all migrated over to the river for the baptism. The photo here is a dirt path running along side the river.

Cayetano and Danielle were both baptized in the river. We had to tie a rope to a stump because it was so muddy because we thought we might get stuck. No matter, because both Cayetano and Danielle were eager to publicly identify with Jesus through baptism.

Thank you all for praying and giving and just being our friends as we work to see God's kingdom built here in southern Spain!

Please forgive me (Mike) for any doubt and fear that I portrayed while we were stateside this past summer. I can't imagine missing out on what God is accomplishing even within the short time since we have been back in Spain.

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Pray for our permanent visas to be approved as well. We applied last month and we are waiting for a response.


Again, click the video below to see a summary of the baptisms and bilingual service we had this month.

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God bless you guys and thank you so much for being a part of what is going on here in Spain!

Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry

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