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The Wears in Portugal - As Bold as Coffee

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As the door chimed when walking through the front door I was warmly greeted by the smell of fresh brewed espresso and the sound of coffee beans being ground. Like so many times before I was meeting someone for … COFFEE! It’s become one of our greatest ministry tools. We meet with all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons. This is an excellent way to get to know people, to counsel, to listen, to share our ministry goals and just to enjoy the mutual delight of coffee.

Well this Saturday morning wasn’t much different. I was meeting with a friend to discuss what was going on with his life –– a kind of casual counseling session. My friend talked and shared his heart and background and in return I shared my background and what God had done for me. What started out as a casual conversation ended up being a deep and meaningful discussion about God’s will for our lives. It was one of those levels of conversations where you forget that anyone else is there.

An older lady gently interrupted our conversation. “Can I give you a hug?” My friend responded, “Yes.” Then she turned to me, “Can I give you a hug too?” “Of course,” I responded. We began talking with her and her husband. She told us she had over-heard our conversation about God and that she attended a nearby baptist church. This sweet lady and her husband were quite the encouragement to me and my friend. It was because she was as bold as the black coffee with an extra shot of espresso that I was drinking. She didn’t debate about how to encourage or even if she should. She boldly just did it!

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I wonder how often we miss out on a tremendous opportunity to encourage others because we lack boldness. Will you be as bold as espresso and encourage someone today?

Privileged to Serve,

David & Michelle Wears

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