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The Best Is Yet To Come!

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Last Sunday, as we celebrated our very first service on the church property, we were overwhelmed by the amount of first time visitors. One man walked in, sat down and when he heard me preaching, he jumped up (as he yelled out "I forgot my Bible"!!) He then ran back to his house, grabbed his Bible, came back and sat down to listen to the rest of the service. We had a little over 30 first time visitors from the community. It was an amazing service. We didn't fit even with both tents we rented. It was a glorious day! Several folks gave their lives to Christ that morning. We will be having one service here a month until we're ready to move into our temporary gym/sanctuary.

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God is leading us through faith, prayer, and fasting...



Over the past few weeks, we've seen the Lord start leading us to begin the FaithBoots Project. After last Sundays first service on the church's new property, the whole church decided to call for a day of fasting. Then last night all the men gathered to decide on how to proceed. It was an amazing evening. We laughed and cried as we sensed the presence of God lead us into a decision. The final decision is we start building the perimeter wall this coming November. This way whatever we buy, we can store in our property without the fear of losing any of it.

The decision has been made: we start in November!

As we begin to build this coming November, we will need you to help us pray and partner in some very specific ways.

What to pray for: 

  • The $13,500 we're lacking to build the perimeter wall
  • That we can find the materials we need to buy
  • That we can get the mayor to allocate us a concrete silo

How you can help financially:

  • Pray about donating financially. God has already given us several thousand dollars in prepartion. All we're lacking is $13,500.

    We have seen God do this in the past and we will see him do it again. I'd also like to say thank you to every single person or ministry that has already helped us in reaching this goal. Through God's grace, you have made this possible.

We have said it so many times and in so many ways, yet there is still so much we mean to say that simply cant be put into words when we say Thank You! Each moment spent in prayer for our family and ministry is life-saving (even though you cant always see what is happening here) - but thanks for praying.
Each time your church, your ministry or even you as an individual take the time to love us through your giving, it goes so much farther than you could ever imagine.

So for your faithfulness to God through us, we thank you over and over again. You are reaching lives and helping many of them eternally.


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