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The Daniel Family Taking the Light of Christ to Brazil - October 2016

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Greetings from the USA!

We greet you this time from the warm south. Not South America, but the southern part of the USA. We have been in the USA for about 6 weeks now, on a short furlough. We thought we were going to experience a lot of nice Fall weather (which we don’t experience in NE Brazil!). I guess we brought the sun with us from Brazil!

Seeking New Partnerships

One of our purposes for this furlough was to seek additional partnerships for the ministry. Out of 8 Sundays in the USA I was able to fill six of them with new churches. We have been very refreshed and encouraged during these meetings so far. One of those churches has already decided to partner with us financially. Others are considering it and in the meantime are praying for us. Two churches were special for us because their pastors are friends of Josh’s from years ago. As they now serve the Lord as pastors they are passionate about their churches being directly involved in missions. We had a great time presenting missions to them and specifically the work in Brazil.

Barreiras Project

Another reason for our furlough was to present the need for funds to purchase property. Even in our absence the people of the church there are working to raise money on their own. I have enjoyed seeing their love and energy for their church. They held a Bazar (yard sale) a few weeks ago that raised about $150. And the college students have scheduled a fundraiser for next week. We are happy to report that combining funds donated in the USA and raised within our church in Brazil, we have nearly 50% of our goal! Please pray and consider what God would have you do to help us. Donations can be made by noting “Barreiras Project” in the memo line of a check or including a note in your donation sent to the Mission Agency. Or, you may give online at

Family Time

Our final purpose for this furlough was to spend some much needed time together with our families. We have been beyond blessed to have great times together. We were able to spend time away with both of our parents - away from the routine and distractions. It was time well spent and many great memories were made together. Needless to say, our kids have been loving reconnecting with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And our families have enjoyed getting to know Liam and Livia! We have also been blessed with time with some of our dear friends. They have encouraged us in may ways during these weeks.

We have laughed at many things our kids have observed about the USA. Joshua (4) said, “There are no motorcycles here and everyone speaks English!” One morning while eating breakfast, Alec (7) said, “Dad what’s that yellow box?” When I figured out what he was pointing to, I said, “That's the milk”. In Brazil milk comes in a small, 1 liter box. And all of the kids have been confused in bathrooms! They never know if they need to pull a handle, just put their hands under something, wave them in front of something, push a lever, or pull paper towels with their hands. Too many options in the USA!

Church in São José

For the past two months, the ministry in São José has continued very well. As I mentioned before, we formed two teams from the church in Barreiras to carry on the ministry in São José. Each team goes once every two weeks. I really believe we can split the two teams into three - maybe 4 - so that we can have services 3-4 times a week. Please pray for commitment on their part and for endurance to continue when it’s not easy. Its a very needy area, with no other Baptist Church in the entire town. What an opportunity for us to preach the pure Gospel and absolute Truth of God’s Word to them. And pray for a harvest of souls for God’s Kingdom.

Church in Barreiras

The church in Barreiras continues to do well also. I receive regular reports that the gentlemen preaching are doing a good job and that the people are encouraged and challenged by God’s Word. Marcus, the adult Sunday School teacher said that there has been better attendance than he expected. Praise the Lord for this good news. We are ready to be back amongst them and sharing life with them all again.

Thank You!
We want to thank you for praying and supporting us all this time. Several people and churches helped us get set up by buying food, loaning car seats and pack-n-plays and vehicles. We couldn’t have done it without you all. May God bless each of you for helping us have a smooth arrival in the USA.

Taking the Light of Christ to Brazil,
Josh, Melissa, Troy, Eli, Alec, Joshua, Liam & Lívia


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