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The Faith of an Indian Lady

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It was obvious that Anita was very sick…Three months ago, I was lying in my hammock with a broken ankle in the Colombian savannah. I heard a noise, looked up, and saw a Guahibo man on his motorbike with his wife clinging behind him. With a quiet, humble demeanor, he stated, "Pastor, I have come from my village out in the savannah. My wife is very sick. She is too weak to work or even go to the church meeting. The clinic has not been able to help her. Will you pray for her to be healed?"
As I invited them to sit down with me, he had to support his wife to prevent her from falling. I asked about their salvation and faith in God. They both gave testimony of having received Christ as Savior. I quoted and explained the Scriptures about the healing power of Jesus Christ. We then bowed our heads and prayed together for this lady's healing. I encouraged them to trust in God's care and perfect will.
On the following day, there was a church service in that village. Later, the Guahibo pastor visited me and said, "Pastor, the lady for whom you prayed yesterday was at the church meeting. She was praising God for His healing power in her body!"
This village has 40 families who have professed faith in Christ. They did not have a church building in January. The Guahibo pastor and men committed to cutting the timber for the building if I could help them with the cost of the tin roofing. In March we were able to provide an offering of $1000 to this village for the purchase of the roof material. They now have a place where they can worship God and learn from His Word.  

This is what YOUR partnership with us is doing amond the indigenouse tribes of Latin America. In the past two years, YOU have helped us build eight churches among different tribes and villages similar to the ones below. Thank you for your heart for missions!

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Lolo, a Cocama pastor, met me at the Leticia airport. We rode in a tuk-tuk (a 3-wheeled motor taxi) to the money exchange to change dollars to pesos and then to the outboard motor agency. Through YOUR giving to missions, we purchased a Yamaha 15 hp outboard for Lolo's boat. As we finished up the paperwork, he said with heartfelt appreciation, "Pastor, tell your friends that I am so thankful for this motor. This will allow me to reach remote villages with the good news of salvation and the teaching of God's Word!"


Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva continues to grow in number. New people are coming and growing in the Lord. Stanley fills in with good Bible studies when Russ is absent.

Family News

  • Russ continues to recuperate and regain strength in his ankle
  • We are expecting our second granddaughter any day

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