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A New Church is Gathering!

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 The gathering is happening!

A new church gathering is taking shape here in Spain!

We have now met together for the fourth time since coming back to Spain with the desire to plant a new church! Yesterday there were 18 in our home as we talked about our identity in Christ from the book of Galatians.

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The core group is really taking shape and we are so blessed to share in this gospel ministry with some wonderful friends that have the same burden and vision. God is building a spiritual oasis here!

Family Stuff

The boys were ecstatic to receive several care packages from their Granny from the US. When the apocalypse happens, we will survive on a grand supply of pizza flavored Pringles as well as fortune cookies and an endless measure of various candy and Oreos!

Peters Sept 2

Peters Sept 3Who says playing "dress up" is only for girls? When you don't have dolls, you use the next best thing...your dog! Henry made sure that Sherlock felt loved by sharing his clothes with him! Needless to say, Sherlock was less than enthused about Henry's dog fashion project.

Peters Sept 4

We have been trying to find creative ways to make extra money to help offset the support loss from this summer. Here Jen is teaching English to some little girls from the neighborhood. Pray that God continues to provide these avenues of provision as we continue to share Christ here in Spain.


Here's a really fun and easy way to stay in touch with us!

Ok. No, none of us need another social media in our lives. I totally get it. But, this is kinda like a video walkie-talkie directly to us, any time and any place! We want to stay in touch with our friends and family who are praying and supporting us as easily as possible. We want to be reachable and we are overjoyed that you would be involved in our lives. You can click the picture below to put the app on your smartphone. You can search for us using our Spanish phone numbers. Email us for more information (or our phone numbers).


God bless you guys and thank you so much for being a part of what is going on here in Spain!

Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry


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