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The Ministry Continues

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Camp Refuge is a camp for individuals with disabilities. We anxiously wait for the highways and byways to open once again so that we can travel and visit people that depserately need to hear of God's love. 

- Luke 14: 23 - Go out into the countryside and invite them in so that my house may be full.

There are several associations in Northeast Brazil that provide much-needed assistance to individuals with disabilities. Recently, the association from the city of Cupira arrived at Camp Refuge to pick up a wheelchair for an elderly woman in need. She had fractured a hip and been unable to walk. Because of the lockdowns and quarantines, we (at the camp) have been unable to travel or visit. We are grateful for the connections with the local associations that provide opportunities to show God's love. 

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Brazil has experienced much hardship as a result of the pandemic but the ministry of Camp Refuge continues. Members of the above mentioned associations have been traveling to Camp Refuge to recieve wheelchairs and Bibles for individuals with disabilities in their cities and villages. 

Wheels for the World

The wheelchairs from Joni and Friends have been shipped to Brazil! Tentative dates for the distribution in Rio are September 18-27. Tentative dates for an outreach in the Northeast are November 13-26 and another outreach at Camp Refuge on November 27-30.

camp refuge june 6Rose

Rose is 29 years old and has 3 children. Her last pregnancy was very difficult and the baby did not live. Afterwards, Rose had a stroke which left her unable to walk and dependent on others. Camp Refuge was able to give her a wheelchair and a walker for her to use during her recovery. We are happy to report that she is taking steps on her own. We are anxious to return to visit Rose and her family to rejoice with them in her continued progress. 

Although it is too soon to tell what the planned outreaches may look like in 2020, we ask that you join us in prayer. Much has changed worldwide and our friends with disabilities have been greatly affected. We thank you for faithfully partnering in this work.

Prayer Requests

- Pray for Dinalva, Peterson, and the rest of the family in Brazil

- Pray for the preparations for the upcoming Joni and Friends distributions

- Pray for our own travel preparations as we plan to return to Brazil

- Pray for the preparations for camp to be hosted, Lord willing, in November

- Pray for travel restrictions to lift to allow us (Monte & Jenny) as well as the Camp Refuge missionaries to resume travel

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. 

camp refuge june 4Praises

- We are thankful for partners that have continues to support the ministry of Camp Refuge through this very difficult time

- We are thankful for the many associations that continue to work in the region of Northeast Brazil

- We are thankful for the good health of Peterson, Dani, their children, and Dinalva who continue the work of the ministry during the quarantines 

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