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The Pruetts - Sent to Peru - November Update

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Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

The month of Thanksgiving was a quick month for us. From celebrating the holiday to getting the English class going to searching for new property, we have been going nonstop. We are happy to report, as a result of all the work and grace of God, that many are coming in to the English class and that we have had a new face in service every Sunday. We have printed new signs and invitations and we are seeing a lot of excitement while handing them out.

You will remember Carla and Ayirton. They are the two Peruvians who accepted Christ in the last two months. Carla has to be the hungriest Christian we have ever met for the Word of God, and Ayirton has never even owned a Bible. Because of these two things, Patrick searched and was able to find a bookstore that sold Bibles and devotionals. You can see a picture of Carla with her devotional (My Utmost for His Highest) and Ayirton has called Patrick daily, asking for passages he should be reading. Thank you for making these blessings possible through your prayer and support.

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Carla and her new devotional

Now, you might think that fruit cake would not be a nice gift, but here in Peru, they LOVE a fruit cake called panettone. Because they love it so much, the church has decided for their Christmas event to hand out a panettone (Peruvian fruit cake) to each family in the neighborhood. Each panettone weighs one pound and costs $4. To each panettone we will attach a tract with a clear gospel presentation, as well as a bit of information about the church. We are hoping to handout approximately 200 panettones on the 21th of December. Please pray that this event will impact the neighborhood, as well as encourage the church members to reach out to their community.

We continue searching for a property to plant/move our next church and start our first school. Patrick was able to check out the piece of property we had mentioned in the last prayer letter. The location of the property is high up in a poorer neighborhood. It is $3,000 for less than 100 square meters (1000sqf) of property but there are many draw backs. There is no road that will take you to the property and there is no electricity or water. Due to the uneven, rocky surface, any construction done on that property would most likely cause all the homes below it to collapse. We do not feel like this property is the best one for us, but have continued to search around the area. Unfortunately, the price increases drastically, starting at $35,000, for the same size property in an area that you can build on safely. We ask for continual wisdom and prayer as we continue to look for property.

Even though Peru does not celebrate Thanksgiving, we were still able to sit down and enjoy a turkey dinner with friends at our table. Isa made a new Peruvian friend at the playground and we decided to use our Thanksgiving as a way to invite her family over and minister to them. We were also able to share the delicious variations of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Surprisingly, Teresa was able to make an entire dairy free meal, including pumpkin pie, so we all could enjoy the it. We are thankful for your ever continual prayer and support. Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions. Our email is . Thank you!

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Isa and Sophia at Thanksgiving

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