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The Pruetts in Peru

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The month of October started off with new visitors and a full house for our Wednesday and Sunday services. Some visitors come back and other don't. One that did come back, Julian, has begun his discipleship classes. When he was presented with his discipleship book he smiled from ear to ear and it was physically visible that he was very excited. Later during our fellowship time, he made comments in regards to some of the processions that are put on by the Catholic church. One of the other members told him, very firmly, that that was idolatry. He then picked up his book, pointed at it, and said, “I'm sorry. I am learning slowly but surely.” It is refreshing to see someone come before Christ, not only in salvation, but in learning, as a little child.

Not only are we thrilled about Julian desiring to grown in Christ, but we also had the pleasure of confirming the salvation of two people. One was a mother that we had been praying for, for months. (We had helped her and her family during the floods that happened this past March.) As an added bonus, while confirming her salvation, we found out that her son had also accepted Christ, due to the testimony of his sister's salvation months prior. He told his mother that he wanted to do what his sister did because she was different and he wanted that, too. So his sister took the tract that we used to lead her to Christ and lead her brother to his Savior.

We realize that not all months will be full of encouragement and good news, but when we do have them, we need to cherish them and thank God for the souls He has given to us to care for. Please pray with us that we can guide them and disciple them as caring parents of God's children.

With these testimonies, and others who have accepted Christ, we are in need of a way to baptize. One challenge is funds but the other, here in Peru, is finding a baptistry and finding one that can move with us when we find a permanent location. Patrick had been all over Lima, looking for anything fitting for the task. He has some promising leads, but please continue to pray that we can find something that will work. In the end, it may just be temporary outside pool.

October 31st is a delicate subject here and in the States. Many churches here take the stance that it is Satan's day and that we, as Christians, should do nothing that day. Patrick and the church, however, decided that Satan should have no days to himself, and planned an evangelistic outreach to make sure that the town knows that, to us, this day, as all others, belong to Christ. We handed out gospel tracts, candy, invited people to church, and verbally shared the gospel with many. It was a sweet time with the church members, and a wonderful way to get involved in the community.

On a personal note, we would like to thank those supporter that gave extra this past month to help us with fixing our building. We believe we have the finances to pay for most of the things that need to be completed. Thank you for all your prayers and financial support!

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