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Patrick and Teresa Pruett - Missionaries to the World: Sent to Peru

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Dear Co-Laborers,

The month of August started off with a surprise. Our plans were to wait until the middle of the month to have our first service in our new building, but the owner of our old location told us that their water was out and that we would need to have service somewhere else. Where else but the new building? So with walls undone, floors not finished and sign barely installed, we had our first service in our new building on the first Sunday of the month.

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With the help of many of God's people we were able to get it prepared and ready to go. Since then, we have had many visitors who have begun to attend regularly, and we are pleased with the location God has given us. The congregation has begun to offer to clean the building, aid me in door knocking and a few of the more mature men have asked to speak or learn how to speak in service. While we are still searching for a pastor, all this has been a great encouragement to us.

To compliment the inaugural service, we had a special kids event with clowns, songs, and puppets. We had sixty-five in attendance who all heard the gospel clearly. Teresa was also able to give out the gospel to many of the mothers there. Through the event we have had a new family begin to attend service because her son loved the event and our Sunday school. pruett 15

Please pray for the salvation of those who we have witnessed to and return to church with many questions.

Our ministry here is moving forward well, but it has taken its toll on Patrick's health. The Tuesday after our first service, Patrick's neck went out and disabled him for several days. The pain was so severe he could not breath well or move, and an injection was needed to aid him in doing even the smallest tasks such as dressing himself. Since that day, he has undergone many X-rays, an MRI, and five doctor visits. The conclusion is that he has two herniated discs in his neck: one with very limited space for the nerves. He will be undergoing physical therapy in Lima in the hope that that will help control the pain. Sadly, it did not end there for Patrick. During all the blood work, one of the doctors noticed an abnormal level and sent Patrick to Rheumatologist. More tests are being done, but the doctor believes that Patrick is suffering from an autoimmune problem which would explain a lot.

On the bright side of Patrick's health issues, his foot problem was diagnosed and while not completely healed, it is has been made much better through medication and at-home therapy. He is very thankful for the ability to walk normally again after a month of problems. Please continue to pray for him as he awaits tests results and undergoes his physical therapy. Also pray for his spirit. All these issues have kept him from being as active as he is used to and it bothers him not to be able to be out working. Also pray that the Lord provides the finances for all the medical bills. The rest of the family, thankfully, is doing well. We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month. Kids are growing at an alarming rate and they both look forward to going to church every week. We are thankful for all of your support as we serve here, but we are even more thankful for your prayers. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

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